Wire Binding Machines

Find the best wire binding machines at Binding101, where document binding is our specialty! Our collection of twin loop systems combine functionality, affordability, and durability to bring you only the best-in-class systems that can help your business produce professional-quality output for years to come, without breaking the bank. We have equipment to fit the needs of all levels of users; from at-home businesses to huge industrial operations, and everything in-between. We have nearly 90 years of industry experience and are partnered with the best-in-class brand names, including James Burn, Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff, and more – all assured to provide you with a premier selection of quality machinery.

Our Wire-O binding machine collection is stocked with a variety of desktop units and floor-standing models, so you are sure to find a solution that suits your monthly, weekly, or daily binding needs. We offer 3:1 pitch, 2:1 pitch, and duo pitch machines to work with the entire range of wire-o binding supplies. Choose from manual or electric systems, or if you just need a finisher, then choose the closers category. Starting from the beginning? Consider a starter kit that has everything you need to begin. Using a continuous hinge of double wire loops, every wire binding machine we offer will securely hold book covers and pages together, delivering a clean and sophisticated look that is unsurpassed.

If you can't find the specific model you have been looking for, simply call (866) 537-2244 to talk with one of our expert representatives. We can help guide you to the finest wire binding machine for your individual needs.

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