Binding Machines

Binding Machines

When it comes to buying a binding machine for your office, Binding101 is the leading place to shop. We offer the best selection of equipment for various binding styles, such as spiral coil, wire, comb, combination, Coverbind thermal, and many more. We are partnered with the best brands in the industry, to bring you a selection that can meet the needs of users of all levels; from low volume home users, to international corporations, and everything in-between. To browse the selection of bindery machines available, choose the binding style / finished look you want to achieve from the below. Not quite sure which is right for you? Call us at (866) 537-2244 to discuss with an expert, or read on for more information about each option.

Types of Binding Machines

There are several kinds of binding machines, from manual to manual with electric features, to fully electric, to automated systems. The variety available will depend on the type of binding style you are trying to achieve, so let’s give a little overview of the various styles to choose from.

  1. Spiral Coil – Coil binding is the ideal choice for most users. It combines functionality, look, and affordability into one, flexible solution. The coils are made of plastic but are incredibly durable to withstand heavy handling. They come in a huge variety of stocked colors, as well as special-order and custom colors. Spiral binding machines will come in four different types: manual, electric, inserters, and crimpers. We also offer coil binding starter kits. Spiral bind equipment will either punch, bind, insert, or crimp (or a combination of several functions). Units are available for various levels of users, from at-home crafters to offices, to huge corporations; we can get you the best spiral coil binding machines for your specific requirements.

  2. Wire – Wire binding machines use a metal twin-loop binding spine called a “Wire-O”. They are the more professional alternative, adding a level of excellence that is simply not achieved with a plastic spine. Wire also keeps things neat with perfect registration on 360° page turns for an impressive and compact presentation solution. Wire binding machines come in three different types: manual, electric, and closers (or some combination of all). Manual binders are ideally suited for lower volume users, while electric are more tuned for medium and high volume binding operations. There are also 3:1 punches, 2:1 punches, and combination punches that can achieve both. We even have wire binding starter kits. Whatever your needs, we have machines for all levels of users.

  3. Comb – Plastic comb binding systems are a more economical option, making them a popular choice for schools and businesses looking to keep to a tighter budget. Often called GBC binders, these spines come in a huge selection of colors and sizes, and are easy to edit as often as you may need. This means you can correct mistakes, change out a page, or re-use the spine all together once your presentation is complete. We can also custom print on them for you, which gives you the opportunity to brand your presentation further. Plastic comb binding machines come in a variety of systems for various volumes, including manual, electric, and openers (or spreaders), or some combination of those. Starter kits are also available.

  4. Combination – Combination, or multi-purpose binding machines are great because they allow for more versatility of bind in one compact system. This means you don’t have to choose coil or wire; you can get a machine that does both. There are several configurations available, including wire and coil, wire and comb, 3:1 and 2:1 wire, and “build your own” heavy-duty modular systems with interchangeable dies for various patterns, which allows for unlimited choices. Combination binding machines are a bigger investment upfront, but that added versatility opens the door to possibilities of growth. If you can’t quite decide on a single method, or you are binding for clients and need variety, then a combination machine is a great investment.

  5. Coverbind Thermal – Coverbind thermal binding is a perfect option for fast, efficient, and low-user requirement binding of professional soft and hardcover documents. In fact, thermal binding is the fastest and the most hassle-free way to make impressive presentations. Instead of a spine, they use a wrap-around cover with glue pre-applied into the spine. Soft and hard covers of a huge variety are available, as well as on-demand customizable covers that you can make in-house without special equipment. The Coverbind line of machines are innovative, revolutionizing the process with their automated systems that allow for continuous workflow. Their manual machine is still incredibly fast and very affordable.

  6. Fastback – Fastback is similar to traditional thermal binding in that it uses heat, however, instead of pre-made covers it primarily uses tape binding strips that you pair with whatever cover you wish. These binding strips are made of a strong cloth material and come in many sizes, colors, and styles. The Fastback binding machines are incredibly simple to use, as they even digitally tell you what size strip you need to insert for your document based on the thickness. There are also hard covers that can be paired with the strips to create an impressive hardcover presentation. This option is fast, easy, and creates a clean and square finish without a bulky spine.

  7. Perfect Binding – A perfect binding machine is ideal for a printer or publisher who needs to quickly and efficiently bind together softcover books. These machines pair a specialized binding glue with a spine texturing system and cover folder/crimper to produce professional-quality paperback books. These systems are manufactured for high volume users, as they require an investment most businesses do not allow for. They are fast, require very little user operation, and achieve quality soft bound books.

  8. Velo – Velo binding machines are used almost exclusively in the legal industry and in government agencies where security and tamper-proof requirements are in-place. This secure method of book binding melts together two velo bind strips, which can only be unbound using a specialized tool. This protective way of binding means it is ideally suited for specialty organizations that need the assurance of a tamper-proof system.

  9. Hard Cover – Hard cover binding is also ideally suited for printers and publishers who can invest in a heavy-duty system for high-volume output. These systems range in type, from case making machines (to make the hard cover piece itself), to binding systems (to bind the cover to the book block), and use a specialty book binding glue to achieve a strong hold. Investing in a hard cover binding machine is a smart choice for large corporations who publish or bind a lot of books at a time.

  10. Automatic – We also offer specialized industrial binding equipment for the printing industry that can streamline the process and increase productivity, without requiring you to spend extra on staffing expenses. Automated bindery machines are available for various styles, like wire and coil, as well as for various functions, such as punching, inserting, crimping, etc.

We know how difficult it can be to shop online for something as niche as a document binding machine – there are many options and the terminology used online isn't always easy to understand. That is precisely why we have chosen to categorize our selection of bindery equipment based on the binding style. Plastic comb binding is one of the most common bookbinding methods, because it is cost-effective and quick. Color coil or spiral binding is commonly used to make marketing materials, reports, and other documents that need to leave a lasting impression. Wire binding is the method of choice for presentations and reading materials that require a slightly more professional finish than spiral binding can provide. Coverbind, tape, and velo binding machines are other popular solutions. If you run a professional bindery that punches more than 65,000 sheets per month or you are looking for a way to save on labor, you may just find the perfect pair in our automatic punching and binding equipment.

Whatever you need, Binding101 can be your one-stop shop for all things binding. Remember to pair your binding machine with our selection of binding supplies and report covers for a complete look.

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