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James Burn EB Series Electric Wire Closer

Item #: 04JBEB-GRP

With the James Burn EB Series electric wire closers, your higher volume print shop or bindery office can quickly and efficiently close Wire-O® bindings into perfect circles around your documents, without having to fiddle with manual machines. They are high quality machines, built with the highest quality manufacturing for rugged daily use. The angle of the table is ideal for perfect positioning of the wire into the closer, so you are assured a perfectly closed wire, every time. Just set the wire size with the knob on the side of the machine, place your document with wire into the opening, and tap the foot pedal. This hands-free activation leaves both hands free to work with your documents, and can speed up the binding process. Changing between sizes is fast by just turning that knob again. The EB Series wire closers can handle the full range of Wire-O® sizes from 3/16" up to 1 ¼", making it very versatile. You can also rest easy knowing that your operators are safe, as a safety sensor will prevent the machine from closing if anything larger than a book block (such as a hand) is entered between the clamps.

You can buy the James Burn EB Series wire closer in one of three different models. The EB3500 which allows for closing of wire and documents up to 14" long, the EB5000 which allows for closing of wire and documents up to 19 ½" long, or the EB7000 which allows for closing of wire and documents up to 27 ½" long. If you're ready to create perfectly closed documents fast, and without hassle; buy a James Burn EB Series electric wire closer online today.

Product Name Price Qty
James Burn EB3500 14" Electric Wire Closer Item#04JBEB3500
James Burn EB5000 19 ½" Electric Wire Closer Item#04JBEB5000
James Burn EB7000 27 ½" Electric Wire Closer Item#04JBEB7000

Product Description


When you add one of the EB Series electric wire closers to your production line, you are adding a rugged machine that is made to run daily with no difficulty or hassle. One user operates the machine, and can produce perfectly bound wire books quickly and efficiently. To setup the machine, all you have to do is turn the size adjuster knob on the side of the machine to the wire size you will be closing. This knob controls the clamping bars, and is calibrated to produce perfectly round closed wires for the full range of Wire-O® sizes, including 3:1 and 2:1 pitch wires from diameters as small as 3/16" up to as large as 1 ¼".

These electric wire closing machines are manufactured of the highest quality materials and rugged parts, built to last. The angle of the closing table and bars is ideal for a perfectly closed wire, and helps eliminate the hassle of wires falling out of the books before closing. To protect your operators, a safety sensor is built into the EB Series machines that will prevent them from closing if anything other than a book block is placed into them; this means your operator's fingers and hands are protected. Depending on the largest document sheet size that you work with, we have the right EB Series machine for you: The first option is the model EB3500, and this machine will handle documents up to 14" tall on the binding edge. The EB5000 will handle up to 19 ½" high, and the EB7000 will handle up to 27 ½" high.

EB Series Models Available:

   • Model EB3500 - 14" high maximum binding edge
   • Model EB5000 - 19 ½" high maximum binding edge
   • Model EB7000 - 27 ½" high maximum binding edge

EB Series Wire Closer Features:

   • Simple Setup & Operation - Turn the knob to set the wire size you need to close, and just turn it again whenever you need to change sizes. No other setup or any specials training is needed. Place the document with wire onto the closing table and between the clamps, and press the foot pedal to activate.
   • Versatile - Come in three different models / binding lengths, all of which are capable of binding the full range of Wire-O® binding sizes, including both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch up to 1 ¼".
   • Perfect Finishing - Perfectly calibrated clamping mechanism creates a perfectly round closed wire, every time.

EB Series Optional Accessories:

   • Stand for EB5000 wire closer (Item# 04JBEB5000ST)
   • Stand for EB7000 wire closer (Item# 04JBEB7000ST)
   • Calendar Hanger Feeder for 10" Max Wire Calendar Hangers (Item# 04JBWIREOHGF)


Item # 04JBEB-GRP
Manufacturer James Burn
Suggested User Large Office, Industrial
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Operation: Binding Electric
Power Voltage 110v Single Phase 60 Hz
Dimensions EB3500: 19 ¼" W x 14" D x 10" H
EB5000: 23 ¾" W x 19 ¾" D x 10" H
EB7000: 31 ½ " W x 19 ¾" D x 10" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited
Shipping Weight (lbs) 108

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