Comb Binding Machines

Plastic comb binding machines are a popular choice among all kinds of businesses, especially those that need a budget-friendly binding solution that is easy to edit. These systems punch 19 rectangular holes along a letter size 11 inch edge, and work with standard plastic comb bindings, also sometimes called GBC spines. They require fewer steps than some other punch-and-bind solutions, and easy to use, and the consumables are the most affordable option on the market.

Whether you are a small office, a multi-national corporation, or anything in between, you are sure to find a great comb binding machine for your individual needs in our collection below. We have nearly 90 years of industry experience and are partnered with the best brand names in the business, so you are assured quality manufacturing and simple to operate equipment. Choose from manual (low to medium volume) or electric (medium to high volume) comb binders below. If you already have a punch and just need the binding module, then choose a comb opener instead. We also offer handy starter kits that have everything you need to break into the comb binding arena.

From small comb binding machines for home offices, to large industrial-quality systems for continuous daily use, you are sure to find the best comb binding machines here at Binding101. If you’re not quite sure where to start, please contact us. Don't forget to sign up for our exclusive offers.

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