A form of packaging is needed for literally every business that offers any kind of physical product. It is just the kinds of packaging requirements may vary depending on your individual situation and industry. To meet those various needs, we offer shrink wrapping, paper banding, and protective packaging solutions of various kinds. Whether you own your own business and ship from home, or you are a part of a large corporation shipping thousands of packages a day, you can find the quality packaging products you need, at competitive prices, here at Binding101.

We offer the best-in-class shrink wrap equipment and supplies to ensure your items are wrapped to perfection, whether to look great for direct display, or to prevent damage in shipping. We have several different kinds of shrink wrap machines including manual bar sealers and heat guns, up to automated one-step machines, and everything in-between. A major factor for a quality wrap is the film itself, and you can achieve the best finish with out selection of shrink wrap film as well, which includes a huge variety of sizes and gauges (thicknesses), as well as polyolefin, ultra polyolefin, and PVC varieties. Shrink wrapping is an excellent choice for businesses that require professional packaging at an affordable price

We also offer paper banding machines and banding strips that offer a quick and easy solution to bundling your stacks. Banding is a form of wrapping of materials that holds them together, making them easier to handle, transport, and store. With a banding machine and paper banding strips, you can quickly discover a faster and easier way to package your products with a simple strip.

When it comes to protective packaging, outstanding defense is essential. Without securing your fragile items before shipping, you risk damaging the product itself, as well as your relationship with the customer. So choose from our various top-quality solutions to prevent damage for the handling and fright of your products. Whether you need economical air packaging, chipboard sheets, or you’re looking to recycle old boxes and create packaging fill from those using a cardboard shredder, you can find the perfect eco-friendly solution from our online store.

Packaging can also offer an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitor; by offering a more unique experience to your customers when they receive their product. Have you ever opened an item you purchased and been super impressed with the packaging? I know I have! And those companies stand out from the many others that just send plain old items. By choosing Binding101 as your packaging supplier, you can protect all kinds of packages and projects from dirt, moisture, and so much more for just pennies a piece.

Our courteous and professional staff is here to help you every step of the way; click the live chat button or call us at (866) 537-2244 during business hours to talk one-on-one with a product expert. You can also email us at for additional information or a formal price quote.

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