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Heavy Duty Durawire Wire-O® Manual Wire Closer

Item #: 04TAMDWC450

With the Durawire closing machine you can cleanly close Wire-O® twin-loop binding spines of all sizes in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitches. The vertical closing design uses gravity to make the closing process easy, and has two adjustment knobs and a printed diameter scale for extremely precise adjustment opportunities so you can get a perfectly circular wire and a secure close. The printed binding guide on the front of the Durawire helps you select the proper wire size for your book thickness. Once your machine is set to the proper wire size for your application, place a test wire with the open side down in the closing channel and pull the handle all the way down; if your wire is circular and closed properly, then you can begin binding your books. If you are looking for a heavy duty, economically priced wire closing machine, then consider buying the Durawire Wire-O® manual wire closer online today.


Product Description


Binding101 is proud to offer the Durawire Heavy Duty Wire-O® Manual Wire Closer, designed to close 3:1 pitch, 2:1 pitch, and 19-hole pitch wire. The Durawire is a vertical wire closer that is sure to increase speed and efficiency when assembling your Wire-O® bound books.


Item # 04TAMDWC450
Manufacturer Tamerica Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number DWC450
Suggested User Small Office, Medium Office
Binding Style Wire-O Binding
Operation: Binding Manual
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Supplies
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Punch & Bind Capability Bind Only
Maximum Binding Edge 14"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 19

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