Heavy Duty Electric Punches

A heavy-duty electric punch is the perfect solution for medium and large businesses looking to streamline their operations, increase efficiency and productivity, and expand their binding capabilities. These bindery systems are interchangeable machines, allowing for a simple die-change to switch between various punching patterns. This means you will have the option to punch for spiral plastic coil, twin loop wire binding, plastic comb spines, legal velo binding, 3-hole binders—and much more—all from the same, compact unit.


We offer only top-rated brand name heavy duty punch machines to ensure a dependable machine that offers premium quality and professional results. Brands including Rhin-O-Tuff, James Burn, GBC, and Akiles are just a few of the best binding machine brands in the industry that offer electric interchangeable die punch machines in this category. Their years of industry experience and top-notch manufacturing (many of them manufacturing in the USA) make our collection of heavy-duty electric punches the best-in-class options.


But do not think this means you will break the bank in spending. We offer the best pricing on binding machines, as well as some of the fastest shipping and delivery options available. These machines offer superb value and bang-for-your-buck and, depending on your volume, can often pay for themselves after just a couple of jobs. Consider the purchase of a heavy duty punch machine as an investment for your current and future business; with that ability to expand the punching capabilities as you grow, without having to buy separate machines and take up a bunch of table space. This ability to expand as your business expands is a big perk over traditional systems.


These machines are packed with exceptional features to make the process simple, while still producing the best quality finishing. Elements such as paper alignment guides, depth adjustments, various activation options, high punching capacities up to 50+ pages at a time, and much more. But perhaps, the most notable feature is the interchangeable dies and the fact that each die has completely disengageable punching pins. This means you can not only customize the punching pattern for various binding styles, but also the punch pattern itself by stopping the die from punching specific holes; that is very important if you work with any page sizes other than standard letter. It makes it easy to punch for letter size, legal size, half size, memo size, and everything in-between. Plus, the dies themselves are so easy to change out for most models, that you can switch between coil, wire, comb, velo, and more in just a few seconds, and with no tools or complicated settings.


So if you are looking for the right binding machinery to help your shop achieve high-quality, professional-grade results with a machine that is built to last, we have you covered. Browse our selection of heavy-duty binding punches below to learn more. And if you need help choosing the best binding machine for your individual needs, give our expert staff a call at <a href="tel:(866) 537-2244">(866) 537-2244</a> or click the live chat button on your screen.

If you are looking for the right machinery to help you achieve high quality, professional grade results, we have you covered. With a heavy duty binding punch machine, you can achieve these results whenever the need arises while ensuring clean and professional grade end results. Heavy duty binding punches offer users the capability to punch papers and covers for multiple binding methods in one compact machine. By simply changing out the punching die, you can have the ability to punch for plastic comb binding, wire binding, spiral binding plastic coil, velo binding, 3-hole punching, and more! With our selection, you can have these capabilities housed within your location to avoid any hassle.

We offer several great options for adding a tabletop binding punch to your business from trusted brands you can count on for dependable results and long-lasting performance. These high-quality Rhino-O-Tuff binding punches are rated as heavy duty and are therefore perfect for medium to large facilities and binderies looking to reduce costs and increase production speed. With a heavy duty binding punch machine from our inventory of top rated choices, experience an easier way to create in-house results that look professionally done. These options for a tabletop binding punch come complete with lots of important features of performance such as multiple punching patterns including spiral binding plastic coil, Wire-O in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch, and plastic comb. Capable of being used to create items such as ring binders, thumbcut punches for calendars, and more, these high performing machines are capable of producing results at a high volume for your business. With our selection, find the right choice for your operation today.

We are dedicated to customer service from start to finish. If you have any questions regarding any of our products or services, please contact a representative for further assistance on the matter, and we will gladly assist you in any way. Email info@buy101.com or call us at (866) 537-2244 today.

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Heavy Duty Punches
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