Punched Paper & Covers

Pre-punched covers and paper are helpful for customers of all kinds. Though they are most often used by those who have not invested in a binding punch machine but still want to bind together documents, that can also be used by those who do actually have a machine, but just want to reduce wear and eliminate that step in the process. Whatever you reasoning, buying pre-punched binding paper and report covers is a smart choice that can speed up productivity and reduce hassle.

Pre-Punched Paper

We offer a selection of pre-punched binding paper that you can print on at home or the office in your compatible desktop printer. We offer a standard 20 lb. bond stock punched for either spiral coil, plastic gbc comb, velo, or 2-hole top-binding methods. Punched paper is letter size, measuring 8.5" wide and 11" high for the most common office documents. Brose the selection below to learn more.

Pre-Punched Covers
Choose from Clear or Vinyl Covers

Clear Punched Covers

Clear acetate binding covers are flexible but incredibly durable. They are easily wiped clean when spilled on and are incredibly tear-resistant. Depending on the binding style, these pre-punched clear covers are available in different thicknesses, including 3, 5, 7, or 10 mils thick. They also come in a variety of popular sizes, and with or without tissue interlacing between the sheets. Clear punched covers allow for the most versatility, as your first page shows through so you can customize each individual presentation by just printing a custom first page. The finish is a gloss, which can help enhance your printed colors and contrast.

Vinyl Punched Covers

Composition regency covers are made of a premium 15pt vinyl that is elegant, durable, and looks and feels expensive. They are flexible, but with a very sturdy weight that can elevate your presentation. These opaque pre-punched binding covers are most often used as back covers because of their sturdiness, but some customers prefer them for front covers as well for a clear match. They are available in select popular sizes and colors.

Custom Punched Covers

Looking for something different? Perhaps a different cover material, or maybe even a special punching pattern? Our top-of-the-line production facilities can custom-manufacture personalized punched covers for your specific needs. Just call (866)537-2244 or email info@buy101.com today to request a price quote.

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