Book Binding Rings

Binding rings are loose rings made from either metal or plastic that offer fast, simple, and no-machine binding from thin to very large stacks of paper, fabrics, and other materials. Loose-leaf book binding rings are incredibly popular because they are inexpensive, easy, durable, can handle thick capacities, can be edited as often as you need, and only need a simple hole-puncher to bind. There are several styles of rings, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Watch this video to see an overview of the various styles of book rings that we offer so you can easily select the best option for your individual needs. The options we review include:

1. Loose Leaf Metal
2. Screw Lock Metal
3. Plastic Snap-Lock
4. Plastic Overlap
5. Plastic Oval Snap-Lock

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Easy to Edit, Strong Rings
Snap-Closed | 3/4" to 3" Sizes

Silver metal loose-leaf binder rings are a fun and easy way to bind paper, swatches, scrapbooks, flip charts, and pop displays, home organization, crafts and gifts, home decor, and so much more. They are easily opened and closed, so make a great solution for items that need frequent editing; just pull them open and snap them closed. 

Ultra-Strong Locking Rings
Screw-Closed | 2" to 10" Sizes

Screw lock binder rings are a more secure method because they feature an actual locking mechanism that screws together, making it much less likely to come un-bound accidentally. They are rounded but feature one flat edge that has the screw locking feature. Just unscrew the locking mechanism and pull apart to edit contents.

Quick, Lightweight Rings
Snap-Closed | 1/2" to 7/8" Sizes

Small plastic snap-lock binder rings offer an inexpensive and fast binding solution for small books, presentations, and albums. Plastic book rings are often also used for hanging signs and making lightweight swatches for samples. They have a snap-closed feature where one side has a peg and the other has a hole.

Oval Peg-and-Hole Rings
Snap-Closed | 2" x 15/16" Size

Similar to our round plastic snap rings, these oval book rings are made of durable resin and feature a peg-and-hole closure that is secure, but easy to manually open when changes are needed. The unique oval shape lets you set holes deeper into your page, increasing tear-resistance when placed in fragile materials. 

No-Close Overlap Rings
No Closure | 3/4" Size

These unique round rings do not seal closed; instead, they feature one edge that is overlapped, creating a gap for you to insert your materials through that is thin enough to still keep your items together, but is easier to remove when necessary. They are made of a plastic material that is lightweight, but durable.

Hold Ring Swatches
Pair with Rings | 7" to 10" Lengths

For large and heavy swatch books and more, metal binding ring handles can be a convenient addition. They are compatible with all of our metal binding rings and have a convenient curve on the handle that makes it comfortable to hold. Inverted edges make it easy to hang and remove rings as-needed.

Bulk Discounts on Binding Rings

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Standard Loose-Leaf Book Rings

Loose-leaf metal rings are, by far, the most popular choice for users of all kinds. They are affordable, simple, and come in a huge selection of sizes, making them applicable for use with all kinds of applications.

From business-purposes to at-home uses and everything in-between, metal loose-leaf binding rings can be used for so many things! We have clients who are individuals that use them for everything from organizing hair ties and cookie cutters, to making fun gifts like this handmade cookbook & utensil combo, to journaling and making notebooks, and much more.

Many sizes (3/4" to 3")Limited colors (only silver)
VersatileSmaller sizes hard to open
Easily editableMetal can be heavy
AffordableMinimum 100 rings
They're fun! Get creative!Too bulky for some
Ring SizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterMetal Thickness

Screw-Lock Book Rings

Metal screw locking binding rings are incredibly strong, made of thick metal and quality hinges. They are shaped like a traditional round ring, but with one straight edge. The straight edges have a screw on one end and a threaded post on the other; they screw together to create an incredibly strong bind that is truly unmatched by anything else.

Screw locking book rings come in a large selection of size ranges, mostly on the larger size, starting at 2" and going up to 10". Because these are extra large binding rings they tend to have more specialized application use. They are still very popular, however, with a more select group of clientele, including (but not limited to) fabric companies, furniture stores, corporations, engineering firms, teachers, and more.

Because they are so strong, they can handle the weight of the heavy fabric and textile swatches, and very thick stacks of sheets. Plus, with the screw-closed end, there is no risk at all of the ring accidentally opening and dropping your materials.

Many sizes (2" to 10")Limited colors (only silver)
Extra large capacitiesMetal is heavy
EditableEditing takes time
Sold in small 10-ring packsBulky
Ring SizeInside Diameter
(Curved Edge to Curved Edge)
Inside Diameter
(Straight Edge to Curved Edge)
Metal ThicknessScrew Mechanism ThicknessScrew Mechanism Length

Plastic Snap-Lock Book Rings

Plastic book rings are available in smaller sizes, very lightweight, and very affordable, making them perfect for users of many kinds. They also come in a few select colors, so there are more options to choose from in that sense.

Affordable and simple plastic rings have a peg-and-hole closure that creates snapped-close security for your lightweight materials. They are not hinged like metal rings, which means that they are slightly open at all times until you bend them to snap-close the ends. This makes them more of a popular choice for thinner stacks of paper or page protectors. They are also used throughout homes for organizing and crafts, and at schools for easy and safe binding of all kinds of kids crafts and schoolwork.

InexpensiveLimited sizes (small rings only)
Lightweightimited colors (white, black, clear)
Easy to edit oftenSold in packs of 100
Fun to use - get creative!
Binder Ring SizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterMaterial Thickness

Oval Plastic Snap-Lock Book Rings

Plastic oval book rings are available in one-size, are lightweight, and are very affordable, making them perfect for many different kinds of users. They are unobtrusive in white or clear, keeping the focus on the material they are holding, rather than the ring itself. The oval shape offers more capacity and opens opportunities for various applications. They create a tight bind with the peg-and-hole closure along the long end. 

InexpensiveOnly 1 size
Lightweight & versatileBulky size/shape
Easy to editLimited colors
Fun & simple colorsMinimum 100 rings/bag
Binder Ring SizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterMaterial Thickness
One-Size2" x 15/16"2-3/8" x 1-5/16"3/16""

Plastic Overlap Book Rings

Overlap book rings have the same lightweight and affordability benefits as standard plastic snap rings, but without the snap closure. Instead, they simply overlap on one edge, which creates a secured end to hold in your pages. The overlapping feature makes is quick and easy to slide materials on and off the rings as often as you need for fast-editing capabilities.

From business-purposes to at-home uses and everything in-between, plastic overlap loose-leaf binding rings can be used for so many things! They are used throughout the home for crafts and organizing of paperwork, as well as in businesses to hold together documents. They come in white or clear colors, so offer a minimal look that is clean and neat. 

InexpensiveOnly 1 Size
Unobtrusive white or clearLimited color selection
Lightweight & versatileBulky
Easy to edit100 Rings/bag may be too many for some
Ring SizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterMetal Thickness

Loose-leaf binding rings are available in a HUGE variety of styles, including standard metal loose leaf rings, metal screw lock rings, plastic snap-lock book rings, plastic oval snap-lock rings, and plastic overlap rings. These various rings are "loose" meaning that they are not attached to a spine or mechanism of any kind and, instead, can be placed anywhere through standard punched holes.

Book rings are so fun to use, and popular with everyone from individual crafters (including Etsy store owners), to retail shops, to large corporations. Whatever style you choose, you will find the highest quality book binder rings for the lowest pricing per ring at Binding101.

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