What are the Best Electric Thermal Binding Machines?

April 11, 2019

Best Electric Thermal Binding Machines: Coverbind Accel Flex, Cube, + Ultra

If you're looking for the best of the best in thermal binding, then Coverbind is the brand name you will want to choose. There are several other brands out there, all of which work well from some testing and comparison we performed, however, Coverbind is different for several reasons, which we will discuss below. But first, let's answer the question of this blog: what are the best thermal binding machines? There are 3 different models we will go over. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information, so you can also scroll down to see a comparison of Coverbind models with other leading brands, which may be a bit easier or less overwhelming than reading all of these details.

Coverbind Accel Flex

The Coverbind Accel Flex is the perfect tabletop thermal binding machine for small businesses, medium businesses, and even large businesses with daily binding needs. It features a large binding plate that will handle Coverbind thermal binding covers up to the largest 2" size available, as well as over-sized documents up to 14 ⅞" high; this means you can bind legal size documents in addition to standard letter size and mini documents. It can bind up to 15 books at one time*, and has a quick 60 second binding cycle, which gives your output speeds of up to 900 documents per hour. It is a powerful, compact, and attractive binding machine that fits perfectly into any office environment. If your office needs to bind higher volumes of books in bulk from time to time, or needs to make a single document for a client presentation, the Coverbind Accel Flex thermal binding machine can get the job done with low production and labor costs.

How to Bind with the Accel Flex

  1. Turn on the machine. Open your cover of choice and place your sheets in. Close the covers.
  2. Place your cover onto the heating plate, spine down. Tap the edges to ensure all pages are squared nicely.
  3. In 60 seconds, the Flex will tone and you can move the cover(s) to the cooling rack.

The Coverbind Accel Flex was manufactured specifically for offices and businesses with frequent soft cover and hard cover binding needs, with up to about 2,000 books per year. If you're binding more than this, consider the more automated Coverbind Accel Cube machine instead (below). The Accel Flex is a durable, fast, and convenient thermal binding machine that will meet the various on-demand binding needs. It requires no warm up time, and is so simple to use, that literally anyone in your office can use it without any training. Just three easy steps are needed to create the most immaculately bound presentations, reports, proposals, manuals, yearbooks, and more with this desktop thermal binding machine. You can combine different spine sizes together, as long as they are all within the 2" binding capacity overall. This means you can bind different jobs together, eliminating size change over time and hassle.

Coverbind Accel Cube

With the Coverbind Accel Cube, your corporate office or print shop can produce top-quality finished documents in both hard and soft covers, without any hassle, and faster than any other traditional binding method on the market. In fact, it will produce these premium bound books at speeds up to one per second*, which is 45 times faster than punch and bind methods, and 30 times faster than tape binding machines. With the Accel Cube thermal binding machine, all you have to do is place your document in the size selector, place the pages into the displayed cover size of your choice, and place your covers into the machine. The Accel Cube will automatically run the binding process and notify the user when books are complete. It will run Coverbind thermal binding cover spine sizes from 1/16" to 5/8", and is rivaled only by it's big brother, the Accel Ultra. It features upgrades from previous models that include increased quality, faster binding, a stronger bind, and a sleek machine design.

How to Bind with the Accel Cube

  1. Turn on the machine. Open your cover of choice and place your sheets in. Close the covers.
  2. Place your cover onto the machine, spine down. You can place several together in batches or continuous-load. Tap the edges to ensure all pages are squared nicely.
  3. Your books will move through the binding process. In about 60 seconds, they eject on the other end.

If you are tired of spending hours a day with punch and bind systems, or even the "faster" tape binding machines, and you have daily volume document binding needs with up to about 3,000 documents per year, then consider the Coverbind Accel Cube thermal binding machine. This attractive and durable tabletop unit can produce thermal bound documents, including both soft and hard thermal binding covers, at speeds up to 1 per second*... yes, 1 document per second! That converts to 60 documents per minute, and 3,600 per hour for the experienced user*. These speeds are unheard of in the book binding industry, which is just one of the several reasons why the Accel Cube by Coverbind is taking the document binding industry by storm. It was manufactured to look sleek, fitting in well with any office environment, as well as to withstand high volume binding requirements, and to have a small footprint to take up very little space. In addition to the premium build, the Accel Cube (sometimes called the Bindomatic Accel Cube) is incredibly simple to use, and features Drop&Go technology, so your operator doesn't have to continuously stand by the machine while it runs. The single-section binder will hold up to a 5/8" thick spine, so you can insert one 5/8" book, or multiple smaller books that equal 5/8", at one time. Once the machine pulls the documents in, you can drop more into the slot to continue the process. It will chirp and the light on top of the machine will turn red when the exit tray is full and needs to be emptied. If there are still books in the machine when it fills up, it will simply pause the binding process until it is emptied; it will never burn your books.

Coverbind Accel Ultra / Ultra Plus

The new and improved Coverbind Accel Ultra thermal binding machine can help you produce documents of all kinds with just 3 simple steps. The Drop&Go technology will automatically begin the binding process so you can walk away from the machine and perform other tasks. With the Bindomatic Accel Ultra from Coverbind, your business can produce premium-quality bound books in as little as 1 second per book* - that's about 45 times faster than any other traditional binding method on the market. A huge variety of Coverbind thermal binding covers are available, allowing for use with soft covers and hard covers of many varieties. Choose from two different Accel Ultra Models: The standard model to bind spine widths including 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8", or the plus model to bind spine widths including 3/4", 1", 1 ¼", and 1 ½". Included with your machine is the specially designed stand for optimum working height. These automatic thermal binding machines are revolutionizing the thermal binding industry with their sleek design, simple operation, and their ability to decrease costs while producing the highest quality bound documents. They are perfect for large print rooms, businesses, and anyone with higher-volume daily binding needs that still needs the ability to produce short-runs at a low cost.

How to Bind with the Accel Ultra / Ultra+

  1. Turn on the machine. Open your cover of choice and place your sheets in. Close the covers.
  2. Place your cover onto the machine, spine down. You can place several together in batches or continuous-load. Tap the edges to ensure all pages are squared nicely.
  3. Your books will move through the binding process. In about 60 seconds, they eject on the other end.

Document binding has never been more efficient than with the Coverbind Accel Ultra, which was designed specifically for high-end users. It holds double the sheet capacity of it's competitors, and cuts the binding/processing time in half. These third generation hot binding machines have been perfected over the years to meet the needs and demands of users; there are no better quality or high-producing units on the market. The Bindomatic Accel Ultra by Coverbind is an industry leader when it comes to thermal book binding, and the reason is obvious. They're machines look sleek, perform with little maintenance, and create pristine, professional looking documents without high labor costs.

Why Coverbind is the Best Thermal Binding Brand

  1. Stronger Bind - Within the glue strip there is a mesh fabric that helps to pull in your pages and grip them more than just solid glue does. No other brand out there offers this feature; it is truly unique.

  2. More Cover Options - Coverbind also has the widest selection of thermal binding covers to choose from, which makes them more versatile for the kinds of documents you want to bind and their finished looks.

  3. Fastest Bind - Coverbind thermal bind machines are also the fastest on the market. Depending on the model, they can bind up to 120 books per minute. That is not a typo...one hundred and twenty books per minute.

  4. Only Automated Thermal Binding Machines - Coverbind created an innovation for the thermal binding industry when they included an integrated continuous-load feed that makes them the fastest and most efficient thermal binding option on the market. All others are manual and can only bind as many books as can fit on the heating plate at one time. This automation is what allows for the incredible binding speed.

  5. Drop & Go - Their drop and go feature is another great part of the automated conveyor binding; it moves the book through the entire process including heating and cooling, dropping it into a tray for you to remove when you're ready. There is no need to manually move the books to a cooling plate.

Compare Coverbind Accel Machines to Other Brand Machines

Now we're going to compare some of the main specs or important features of the above machines with the other top-brands on the market. These are all popular both in the US and worldwide, so often you will find that people have used one or more of these brands: Unibind, Pro-Bind, and (or course) Coverbind.

ModelAccel FlexAccel CubeAccel UltraPB 1000PB 2000UniBinder 8.1UniBinder 120UniBinder 8.2
Speed15 / Min60 / Min120 / Min1 / Min1 / Min2 / Min2 / Min4 / Min
Cycle Speed1 Min1 Min2 Min
Max Bind2" Thick5/8" Thick1 ½" Thick3/4" Thick2" Thick1/2" Thick1/2" Thick1 ⅜" Thick

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