Book Care & Repair

Are you looking to buy book repair supplies online to fix a damaged textbook in a pinch? Maybe the spine of a favorite book is wearing out? Or your child accidentally damaged a library book, and you want to avoid the wrath of your local librarian. Whatever the reason, a book repair kit fills that important need. Binding101 has it all -- whether you need to repair book spines, a library book, or anything in between. We have all the DIY book repair supplies you'll need to save the day.

In this video we show you just how fast and simple it can be to repair the corners of your books, one of the most often damaged parts. 
Corner protection cloth has a self-stick back, so all you have to do is peel the liner and stick it to your book. Just line up the V cut-out to the corner of your book, and wrap the edges around to the inside of the covers. Protecting the fragile corners of your hard cover and soft cover books from damage is easy with these cloth stickers, and they can also be used to repair book corners.

Book Care Categories

We encourage you to invest in your books now to avoid future damage and additional expenses down the line. Book restoration and repair is a fairly simple process that can quickly and inexpensively restore books to near-original condition with the right tools, saving you money in replacements. Don't wait to take advantage of these excellent supplies to protect and care for your books long term.

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• Repair Hinges & Spines

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Most Popular Book Care & Repair Supplies

We offer a large variety of book restoration supplies to help you care for your books and keep them in pristine condition for years of enjoyment. Libraries, book club members, and more can take advantage of these easy to use supplies. Book covers and corner protectors will help extend the life of your book and prevent further damage. Book repair materials like repair kits, cloth tapes, and flexible adhesives will help you fix damaged books. Our kits come in three options ranging from minimal repair needed to more extensive care and repair to meet your exact needs with ease. While we offer an extensive range of kits to help you restore and repair this beloved item back to the state it deserves, we also offer individual literary binding supplies to help with certain areas of concern. Choose from items such as cloth wings, corner protectors, hinge repair tape, fabric repair in several common colors, and more. Find everything you need with our affordable inventory of high-quality solutions.

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Pad Making Inspiration

One of our favorite things about padding is the customization opportunity that is completely in your hands. The ability to make any kind of notepad, with any design or phrase is kind of exciting - which is why we find inspiration for pad making often and want to share a few of our favorites. Use a padding press and pad supplies to make customized DIY note pads for your business, home, gifts, and so much more. Here are just a few of the popular applications for pad making that may inspire you.

• Shopping Lists
• Idea journals
• Hotel Phone Pads
• NCR and Multi-Part Forms

• Magnetic Fridge Notes
• Checklists
• Workbooks
• Kids Crafts

• Metalicized Messages
• Personalized Gifts
• Tear-Off Notepads
• Promotional Products

• Prescription Pads
• SWAG at Tradeshows
• University Pads for Staff
• Gratitude Journals
& So Much More!