Plastic Comb & Spiral-O Wire Binding Pre-Punched Vinyl Covers (Pack of 100)
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Plastic Comb & Spiral-O Wire Binding Pre-Punched Vinyl Covers (Pack of 100)

Brand: Binding101
  • Black and Royal Blue Covers Available
  • 19-Hole Punched for Plastic Binding Combs
  • Letter Size 8.5" W x 11" H or Oversize 8.75" W x 11.25" H
  • Durable and flexible 15pt vinyl composition covers
  • Free Shipping $75+
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When you buy pre-punched binding covers at Binding101, you don't have to spend your time or money with a punching machine. Instead, just pair with your pre-punched paper, clear front covers (optional), and either your plastic comb spines or your spiral-o wires to make bound documents. These popular and sturdy 15 pt. vinyl report covers, (also sometimes called regency cover sheets) feature a leather-like texture and look, offering a premium finish that works great as a back cover or a front cover.
Choose from two popular sizes, including 8 ½" x 11" with square corners or 8 ¾" x 11 ¼" with two rounded corners. These covers are pre-punched with 19 rectangular holes along the 11" edge, with standard hole spacing for combs and spiral-o wires. They are packaged with 100 document binding covers per pack.


Manufacturer Fibermark
Country of Manufacture USA
Quantity 100 / Pack


Our vinyl document binding covers are punched with 19 rectangular holes along the long edge of the sheet, with the holes spaced in the standard comb binding pitch. This means they are compatible with both standard plastic binding combs, as well as spiral-o specialty wire binding spines. They are one of our most popular cover sheet options, and work great as either a back cover paired with a clear front, or as a front and back cover set.

Pre-punched document binding covers are stocked in two different sizes, including letter size and oversize, as well two professional colors, including black and navy blue. The 15pt cover stock is sturdy and thick, with a leather textured finish that looks and feels expensive. Want to step up your reports, presentations, and quotes even more? Consider custom printed pre-punched report covers.

Please Note: Our paper-based covers are made from natural materials and, therefore, can shrink or swell based on humidity and other environmental conditions. To prevent them from shrinking to an unusable size, these covers have a variance allowance of up to 1/8" in height and width.

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