8.5" x 11" Clear Gloss Covers with 11 Round Holes for Velo Binding [10 Mil, Square Corners, With Tissue] (100pk)
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8.5" x 11" Clear Gloss Covers with 11 Round Holes for Velo Binding [10 Mil, Square Corners, With Tissue] (100pk)

Item #: 033021CLQB
Brand: Binding101
  • Crystal Clear, offering a perfect view of your first page.
  • Popular solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes, schools, medical offices, and even individuals.
  • Thickness: 5 or 10 Mil
  • Available in 11 holes along the 11" binding edge or 9 holes along the top 8 1/2" edge.
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A perfect pairing with our pre-punched paper and hot knife velo binding machines, these pre-punched clear gloss covers create a protective and presentable front page for your documents. They are made of either a lightweight 5 mil or a heavyweight 10 mil. These clear binding covers, sometimes called clear acetate covers, have a high gloss finish that enhances the colors and contrast of your first page. Using velo punched covers means you don't have to spend time punching your sheets; instead, just place them onto your punched pages and bind, eliminating that step and speeding up the binding process. Velo plastic cover stock sheets are letter size 8 ½" x 11" with square corners, and are made of an ecid-free plastic material that resists moisture and can easily be wiped clean. They are packaged with 100 per pack, and are available with either 11 holes punched along the 11" edge, or 9 holes punched along the short 8 ½" edge.


Country of Manufacture USA
Quantity 100 Covers
Size 8 ½" x 11" [Square Corners]
Color Clear Gloss
Compatible Equipment Hot Knife Velo Binding Machines
Material Acid-Free Clear Gloss Plastic
Cover Size 8 ½" x 11" with Square Corners
Cover Color Clear Gloss
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3


Using a pre-punched clear cover sheet along with some pre-punched paper,you can cut your velo binding time significantly down. There is no hassling with punching or aligning sheets perfectly with your punch; instead, just go straight to the final step of binding your pages with your hot knife velo binding machine.

We offer convenient punched cover sheets with either 11 holes along the 11" standard binding edge, or 9 holes along the 8 ½ top edge, both of which have the standard hole spacing that is used in hot knife velo binding (not cold knife). You can also choose from two different cover thicknesses, including either a lightweight 5 mil thick or a heavyweight 10 mil thick, both of which are flexible, but with the 10 mil being more sturdy.

These binding covers are made with a clear plastic material that is acid-free and features a high gloss finish. Sometimes called clear acetate, these covers provide a crystal clear view of your first page, which essentially allows you the opportunity to customize each presentation or document individually. The gloss can also actually increase contrast and make colors brighter and more vibrant. Though these velo punched covers are most often used for front covers, they can also be used as back covers, or even separating divider sheets within your document.

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