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☑ Fast & Fun

☑ No Machine Required

☑ Easy Editing

☑ 3:1 Pitch Spacing

When it comes to fast, simple, no-machine-required binding, there is so better choice than Pro-Click! Made by GBC, these unique spines look like a combination between a wire and comb, offering the unique ability to be edited as often as needed with a cleaner, more sophisticated finish.

How Does Pro-Click Binding Work?

Pro-Click binding is a quick and simple solution for teachers, home businesses, and more. They are even great for large offices to keep on-hand for on-demand low volume binding by staff. Basically, anyone who could benefit from a fast and easy, no-machine binding solution.

Pair with a punch for 3:1 pitch wires, or get pre-punched paper and covers. Just place all of your pages and covers onto the spine, and use the zipper tool to close the spine around your pages.

Editing is just as easy; use the same zipper tool to open the spine as often as you need to remove or modify the document sheets.

Shop Pro-Click Supplies

Ready to shop for Pro-Click binding supplies online? Browse below to see the available options.

GBC Pro-Click Zipper Editing Tool (Pack of 9)GBC Pro-Click Zipper Editing Tool (Pack of 9)

Used to close & open spines

Black GBC Pro-Click Spines (Pack of 100)Black GBC Pro-Click Spines (Pack of 100)

Choose from black or navy

GBC Pro-Click CassettesGBC Pro-Click Cassettes

Use with Pronto P2000 & P3000 machines

Shop Pro-Click Accessories

Below we have featured a few of the most popular 3:1 pitch wire punches that punch the proper pattern for ProClick binding spines. A punch is not require if you purchase pre-punched paper and covers, but can be helpful to give you more versatility in your paper color, thickness, and texture choices seeing as punched pages and covers are available in a limited selection.

Wire-O Pre-Punched Clear Gloss Binding Covers (Pack of 100)Wire-O Pre-Punched Clear Gloss Binding Covers (Pack of 100)

Choose from square or round holes

Offiwire Wire Binding Punch MachineOffiwire Wire Binding Punch Machine

Low-volume 3:1 binding punch

WireMac-M Punch MachineWireMac-M Punch Machine

Medium-volume 3:1 binding punch

FlexiPunch MFlexiPunch M

Multi-functional binding punch

Electric Galaxy E Wire PunchElectric Galaxy E Wire Punch

Electric 3:1 medium-volume punch

3:1 Wire Spines3:1 Wire Spines

Also compatible with wire bindings

Everything You Need to Know About Pro-Click Binding

GBC Pro-Click binder spines offer the best of both worlds -- easy to use, economical plastic spines that offer a professional finish with simple editing abilities. These attractive spines are convenient and dependable, not requiring any specialized binding equipment to use. Instead, just pair with your own 3:1 wire punch (or use pre-punched papers and covers) and use the zipper tool to bind.


Key Features & Benefits

• Convenient - Easily open, to add or remove pages as many times as you need.
• Dependable - A strong bind with sturdy plastic holds tight to your pages and keeps them rigid.
• Lay Flat - Books easily lay flat with no creasing of your pages.
• 360° Page Rotation - Covers can open all the way and lay back-to-back.
• 3:1 Pitch - Pair with your existing wire punch to expand your finishing options.
• Fast - Binding with Pro-Click spines is quick and convenient

• Professional - Even though they are made of plastic, these spines are professional and work well for presentations of all kinds.
• Versatile - Use Pro-Click for journals, calendars, planners, notebooks, presentations, financial reports, sales documents, and anything else you desire.

Downfalls to Pro-Click

• Limited Sizes - Smallest size is 5/16" to hold up to 45 sheets of 20# bond, which can be bulky for thinner books with fewer pages.
• Capacity Limitation - Largest size is a 5/8" which holds up to about 110 sheets of 20# bond.
• Size Limitation - Only spine size available is 11" high.
• Punching Required - A machine is not required to bind, but your page will need to be punched. If you don't have a 3:1 wire puncher, you will need to invest in one or manually punch each hole.

Pro-Click Specifications

Size 5/16" 1/2" 5/8"
Page Capacity (20# Bond) 45 Sheets 100 Sheets 110 Sheets
Length 11" Long 11" Long 11" Long
Loops 32 32 32
Spine Colors Black
Cassette Colors Black

Pro-Click FAQs

Have some questions about Pro-Click bindings? Check out our most frequently asked questions below, or if you don't see the answer you are looking for, give us a call at (866) 537-2244 so we can assist you.


1. Do you have more colors?
Sorry, but no. Currently, GBC is only manufacturing Pro-Click spines in black and navy blue, and Pro-Click cassettes in black, navy blue, white, and frost/clear.


2. What hole pattern does Pro-Click use?
Pro-Click bindings are compatible with a 3:1 pitch punching pattern, which has three holes for every inch of the binding spine. The spines have 32 loops on them for a standard 11-inch letter size page.


3. Are they flimsy?
Although Pro-Click spines are made of plastic, we can tell you with confidence that, no, they are not flimsy. The hard resin plastic keeps yor pages straight so the book does not flex around.


4. Can I get a larger size?
The largest size of Pro-Click spines available is a 5/8 inch spine, which holds about a maximum of 100 sheets of standard copy paper (20# bond). Unfortunately, GBC is not currently making any larger sizes. If you need to bind larger, consider plastic comb (can bind up to 425 sheets) or a 2:1 wire binding (can bind up to 260 sheets).


5. Does ProClick require a binding machine?
A machine is not required to bind with ProClick, but your pages will need to be punched. If you don't have a 3:1 pitch wire puncher, you will need to invest in one, or manually punch each hole. There are pre-punched paper and covers available in some select styles

Pro-Click BindingPro-Click Binding

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