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Velo Bind Pre-Punched Paper (Price per Case)


Buy velo bind pre-punched paper online to reduce the labor costs and hassle that can be associated with punching pages using a velo binding machine. These pre-punched sheets are standard letter size measuring 8 ½" x 11", and are available with either 9-holes on the 8 ½" edge for top-binding or landscape-binding, or 11-holes on the 11" edge for standard side-binding or portrait-binding. The spacing is traditional for hot knife velo binding systems, and the paper is a standard 20 lb. bond copy paper for use with nearly any printer and standard velo binding strips. Punched binding paper is ideal for low-volume users, such as classrooms and individuals, as they will not have to invest in sometimes expensive or difficult to operate punching machines - all you will need is the hot knife finisher, instead of a puncher and finisher. In addition, they offer a faster binding solution for larger organizations, such as law firms, eliminating the step of punching so you can go straight to binding. Instead of hassling with punching your own binding paper, save time and reduce labor costs with pre punched velo paper. One case of paper has 5,000 punched sheets.

Product Name Price Qty
Velo Bind Pre-Punched Paper [11-Hole, 11" Binding Edge, Generic Brand] (5,000 Sheets) Item#0311HOLE20
Velo Bind Pre-Punched Paper [9 Hole, 8 ½" Binding Edge, HammerMill® Brand] (5,000 Sheets) Item#0309HAMMER

Velo Punched Paper FAQs

Q: How many sheets are there in 1 case?
1 Case of pre-punched paper has 5,000 sheets.


Product Description


With paper that is pre-punched for binding, you can not only save time by skipping that step, but also save money by not having to invest into a velo punching machine. With velo binding paper, you have the option to choose between either standard 11-hole punched or 9-hole punched velo paper. The 11-hole option is punched on the 11" edge of a standard letter size page that measures 8 ½" x 11", while the 9-hole option is punched on the 8 ½" edge for top-binding applications. Both styles are punched on basic 20 lb. bond copy paper (96 bright white), which works well with nearly any printer.

When using velo binding strips for your legal books, presentations, or any other application, pre-punched pages will make the process faster and easier than ever before. Stop wasting time punching basic paper at home or in the office; buy velo bind pre-punched paper online today.


Manufacturer Buy101
Manufacturer Part Number PREPUNCHVEL GRP
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Velo Binding Strips
Quantity 1 Case (5,000 Sheets)
Size 8 ½" x 11"
Color White
Compatible Equipment Hot Knife Velo Binding Finishers
Material Generic Brand: 97 Brightness
HammerMill® Brand: 96 Brightness
Thickness 20 lb. Bond
Binding Style Velo Binding
Shipping Weight (lbs) 50

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