Custom Linen Paper Report Covers
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Custom Linen Paper Report Covers

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  • Create gorgeous personalized linen report covers for any organization's needs.
  • Create fold-up pockets to make that cover sheet multi-purpose.
  • Classic, mildly textured look that has the appearance of fabric, but on a sturdy 80# or 100# cover stock.
  • Covers can be punched with a variety of binding styles, like coil, wire, comb, and velo.
  • Fully Customized Products
  • Fresh Ideas & Old Favorites
  • Wholesale Discounts
  • Superior Service & Communication
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When you truly want to impress your clients, while remaining eco-friendly and holding onto that classic ambiance, then a customized linen report cover may be the perfect fit for you. The textured cover has the look of fabric, but the 80# paper stock base means it is more eco-friendly than plastic and fabric alternatives. The most popular decoration our customers choose for a linen binding cover is a foil stamp. A metallic gold and silver are especially vibrant. In addition to foil stamping, you can order custom size covers anywhere from small card up to large master-sheets. Optional window cut-outs, corner options, and even fold-over pockets are achievable as well.
Minimum orders starting at 250 covers
(some customization options may require higher minimums).
Price breaks are available with higher quantities, usually at 500, 1,000, etc.
Call us now at (866) 537-2244 for a quote on your own personalized covers.


Are your plain linenweave covers not cutting it? Spruce up your presentation game with customized covers instead. We can create gorgeous personalized linen report covers for any organization's needs. Choose from a silkscreen print in one or several colors, a stunning metallic foil stamp, a window cut-out, special cover sizes, or almost anything else you can imagine. We can even create fold-up pockets to make that cover sheet multi-purpose.

Linen cover stock has a classic, mildly textured look that has the appearance of fabric, but on a sturdy 80# or 100# cover stock. Colors available include black, white, navy, maroon, gray, green, ivory, and even an eggplant / dark purple. Covers can be punched with a variety of binding styles, like coil, wire, comb, and velo. Standard windows and custom windows are available; just tell us what size you need, and where you want it located.

Ready for a custom linen binding cover quote? Call us at (866) 537-2244 today.

Linen Cover Customization Opportunities

We have listed the most popular linen cover customization factors below, so you can think about what you want and visualize the final piece. But remember, these covers are custom made, so let us know if you need something special so we can work with our team to get you exactly what you're imagining. When you call-in for a quote, we will ask you the following questions, so be sure to think about these opportunities before you submit a quote request. You can also email us answers to these questions to, if you prefer.

  1. Cover Weight:
      - 80# Standard Cover
      - 100# Extra-Thick Cover
  2. Cover Color:
      - Black
      - White
      - Navy Blue
      - Light Gray (80# only)
      - Maroon
      - Dark Green
      - Dark Purple (80# only).
  3. Cover Size: We can create nearly any size cover you need, but some popular choices include:
      - Letter Size 8 ½" x 11"
      - Half-Size 8 ½" x 5 ½"
      - Over-Size 8 ¾" x 11 ¼"
      - Oversize 9" x 11"
      - Tabloid 11" x 17"
  4. Decoration: Choose from foil stamp, blind emboss, or printing (or combination).

  5. Number of Colors (if printing): 1, 2, 3, etc.

  6. Close Registration: Yes or no. This is when the colors in your artwork touch each other.

  7. Full Bleed: Yes or no. This is when the ink runs to the edge of the sheet.

  8. Size of Artwork: Only needed if fol stamp or emboss. For example, 4" W x 2" H.

  9. Cover Corners: Choose square or rounded corners.

  10. Window: Do you want a window cut-out? What size? Rounded or square corners? Here are our standard window sizes. We can also create any custom size for an additional charge.

  11. Hole Punching:
      - Unpnched
      - Plastic coil
      - Plastic comb
      - Twin loop wire-o (3:1 or 2:1)
      - Velo

Please Note: Our paper-based covers are made from natural materials and, therefore, can shrink or swell based on humidity and other environmental conditions. To prevent them from shrinking to an unusable size, these covers have a variance allowance of up to 1/8" in height and width.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How much do custom covers cost?
Asked by Customer

The customization options are endless, and the pricing will depend on all of those factors. If you are ready for a price, please review the opportunities above and call us at {{block class="Ktpl\Selfmodification\Block\ConfigValue" template="Magento_Theme::page/phonenumber.phtml"}} or email {{config path="trans_email/ident_general/email"}}.

Answer by Binding101
Are there price breaks or bulk discounts?
Asked by Customer

Yes. The more you order, the lower your price. Usually price breaks come into play at 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, etc.

Answer by Binding101
Do I get a proof?
Asked by Customer

Yes, we send a digital PDF proof at no cost for all custom products. Written approval of that proof is required before production can begin. In some instances, a physical proof can be requested for an additional charge.

Answer by Binding101
What is the lead time?
Asked by Customer

The production time for a custom cover will depend on the customization selected, the quantity, and the current production schedule at the time the order is placed. With that in mind, most custom covers are able to ship within 10-15 business days after proof approval. But if you have a strict timeline, please always let us know so we can check with the production team on any rush opportunities, if applicable.

Answer by Binding101
How much is shipping?
Asked by Customer

Shipping for custom products cannot be determined before packaging the finished product. Because custom orders are made to-order, we will not know how many boxes or how much each box will weigh until that point. We understand that this can be frustrating, so please let us know if you need an estimate when you submit your quote request, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Answer by Binding101
What is an "over/under run"?
Asked by Customer

Because custom orders are made from master sheets, we minimize waste by allowing for a 10% maximum over/under run. While we always do our best to ship exactly the quantity ordered, this means that your order could contain a maximum 10% more or 10% less than the ordered quantity, to prevent an over-abundance of material waste. For example, if you order 300 covers, there is a potential for an actual 270 or 330 covers to be shipped and charged for. If you only allow over-runs (ensuring you receive at least your ordered quantity), please let us know when you submit your quote request. Although 10% is the maximum, most orders do not have more than a 5% variance.

Answer by Binding101

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