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At Binding101 we offer the best binding machines and supplies for all levels of users from homes, to offices, to worldwide corporations. Spiral coil, wire, comb, binding rings, screw posts, Coverbind thermal, and velo binding are just a few of the most popular solutions we offer. Choose the binding style and finished look you want to achieve from the list below to see the available options and learn more.

Spiral Binding Plastic Coils Spiral Binding Plastic Coils

Flexible spiral plastic coils are the most popular way to bind. The continuous looped coil is rolled through tightly spaced holes and crimped in on the ends.

Wire Bindings Wire Bindings

Metal wire binding is the most professional way to bind. The twin loops are closed around your pages and allow for 360° page-turning. 

Plastic Binding Combs Plastic Binding Combs

Plastic comb binding is the most economical way to bind. The combs can be opened and closed for editing, and can be custom printed on.

Binding Chicago Screw Posts Binding Chicago Screw Posts

Chicago screw posts are easy to screw closed and open as often as you need. No machine is needed and they can bind up to 5" thick and beyond. Metal and plastic options are available.

Book Binding Rings Book Binding Rings

Loose-leaf binding rings snap or screw closed around your pages and come in plastic or metal, as well as sizes up to 10". Book rings are easy to edit and require no machine; just a hole puncher.

Fastback Tape Thermal Binding Fastback Tape Thermal Binding

Fastback binding uses heat and strips or hardcovers with glue pre-applied to create fast, professional documents. They offer professional and flat-finished booklets that look great and are very functional.

Coverbind Thermal Binding Coverbind Thermal Binding

Coverbind thermal binding is incredibly fast and easy, allowing you to use soft or hardcovers for a professional and versatile finish. Fast, simple binding! Custom options are available.

Velobind Strips Velobind Strips

VeloBind was created specifically for the legal industry because of it's permanent, tamper-proof bind. It is the most secure of all binding methods, using a hot knife melting system.

GBC ProClick Binding GBC ProClick Binding

GBC Pro-Click binding supplies allow for easy editing and work with 3:1 pitch hole patterns (used on some wire machines). Pro-Click spines are easy to use and snap closed, then zip-open for editing. 

Pre-Punched Covers and Paper Pre-Punched Covers and Paper

Pre-punched paper and covers are perfect for users who don't have a binding punch machine or for those who just want to speed up the process by having ready-to-bind cover pages. Choose from paper stock, clear acetate, or vinyl covers.

Fastbind Hard Cover Binding Fastbind Hard Cover Binding

With our selection of hardcover binding supplies, you can produce top-quality, classy, hard cover bound books with the professional appearance of commercially manufacturing books. Find case making and casing-in machines and supplies.

Paperback Soft Cover Perfect Binding Paperback Soft Cover Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is used to make softcover (also called paperback) books. It is most common in the publishing industry and uses industrial-level machines for high-volume users to accomplish a professional soft cover-bound finish. 

Notepad Binding Notepad Binding

Make tear-away pads of paper easily with padding machines and supplies. The simple process involves applying glue to a stack of sheets and is easy for anyone to do.

Book Repair & Care Supplies Book Repair & Care Supplies

Repair damaged books or protect books from damage with our selection of book care and repair products. Ideal for libraries, publishers, and other specialty stores.

Custom Binding Supplies Custom Binding Supplies

Binding101 not only provides an extensive assortment of standard binding products, but we also offer custom solutions to meet your specific marketing needs.

Ring Binders Ring Binders

Fast and simple binding is easily achievable with 3-ring binders. We have a huge variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, including clearview & poly/plastic options. Ring sizes to 4" for thick capacities.

Custom Ring Binders Custom Ring Binders

Made in the USA, our customized ring binders can be manufactured to your exact specifications. 3-ring, 2-ring, 6-ring; letter size, half-size; poly, vinyl, turned edge...we can do it all.

Ring Binder Mechanisms Ring Binder Mechanisms

Ring-binder spines are available in 3-ring, 2-ring, and 6-ring varieties in several different colors and sizes. These spine pieces can be used to make your own binders or for looseleaf options.

Saddle Stitching Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching uses a spool of metal wire and actually stitches it into the spine of a folded stack of papers, making magazines. Ideal for higher volume users and print shops that bind daily.

Booklet Making Booklet Making

Booklet making is easy with a booklet maker; they fold your pages and staple them on the spine in one pass through the machine. They're perfect for schools, churches, and businesses.

Stapling Stapling

Stapling is a classic way to bind pages quickly and without much effort. We offer both manual and electric staplers with single, double, and even triple heads for your various needs.

How to Choose a Binding Style:

Our goal is to make the process of buying the bindery equipment and supplies needed to achieve your presentation goals as simple and hassle-free as possible. In this video we quickly show you some of our most popular document binding styles so you can get a feel for the finalized look.

Not quite sure which style is right for you? To select the ideal book binding type for your specific needs, you can ask yourself a couple of key questions.

  1. What look and functionality do I want to achieve?
  2. How much and how often will I bind?
  3. What is my budget?

With this information in-hand, we can help guide you to the perfect solution.

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Binding Style Comparisons

Easily compare some of the most important features of various binding styles using our chart below. We'be indicated which options offer editing capabilities, lay-flat reading, 360-degree page rotation, maximum binding capacity capabilities, maximum capacities, and much more. These are some of the most important functions of a bound book that customers like to keep in mind before they buy.

Features Coil Comb Wire-O Spiral-O Velo Tape Thermal Posts Rings Binders Stitch Perfect Hardcover

Punch & Bind

Lay Flat

360° Rotation


Supply Price
($, $$, or $$$)
$$ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $ $ $$ $$$
Material Plastic Plastic Metal Metal Plastic Paper/ Fabric Paper Metal & Plastic Metal & Plastic Metal & Plastic Metal Paper Paper
Hole Pattern 4:1
19- Hole 3:1
19- Hole 11- Hole N/A N/A Any Any 2, 3, 4, 6, etc. N/A N/A N/A
Max Capacity 50mm
(1¾" Thick)
2" 1 ¼"
(1⅛" Thick)
(7/8" Thick)
3" 1½"
2" 5" + 10" 4" Varies Varies

Other Binding Products

Need other binding products? We've got you covered! Click the binding items you are interested in below. We also link to our blog, called Binding University, where you can find helpful articles, posts, and recoursed to help you narrow down your decision and learn all of theins-and-outs of the various options.

Best Binding Brands

At Binding101 we are partnered with the elite manufacturers worldwide, so we can offer you the best of the best binding machines on the market. You won't find flimsy machines here; we stock and sell premium bindery machines that have passed our qualifying requirements that include high customer ratings, quality craftmanship, and (most importantly), the offering of value to our clients. Shop some of our top-rated binding brands below to see their product selection and learn more.

90 Years of Industry Experience 90 Years of Industry Experience

Nearly 90 Years of Industry Experience

Binding101 has nearly 90 years of experience in the industry; so when you buy your binding supply and machines here, you are assured quality craftsmanship from start to finish. You can rest easy knowing that we will nurture your order from placement to delivery to ensure complete satisfaction. We are partnered with the best brands in the industry to offer you only top-quality products, creating value for you, our patrons.

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