How do Coverbind Covers Compare to ProBind & Unibind Covers?

November 15, 2019

So you've already decided you like the idea of thermal binding...maybe because it is so fast, or because of the premium wrap-around look, or maybe because you are just tired of punching and binding. But now what?

There are several different thermal binding manufacturers, and each of them makes their covers proprietary, meaning that each brand of machine will only be compatible with the same brand of covers. So before you buy a machine based solely on price, make sure to check out the compatible cover selection to see if this will work for you in the long run.

There are three brands that primarily hold the market share on thermal binding, and they are each pretty different. Even though the process of binding is similar, the covers themselves actually vary quite a bit in look, available options, price, and strength of the finished bind. So in this post, we wanted to briefly compare those top thermal binding brand covers: Coverbind, ProBind, and Unibind. Let's start with a basic chart of those three key factors...

Versatility of OptionsGreatPoorGreat
Strength of BindGreatGoodGood

So are Coverbind covers better than ProBind? Are Coverbind covers better than Unibind? The evidence would certainly suggest that, because when it comes to versatility, quality, and strength-of-bind, Coverbind beats out the competition.


Coverbind (known as Bindomatic in European countries) is the worldwide leader, and it is no wonder why. One of the major reasons being their unique strength of bind. So what makes their binding mechanism different? Isn't it all thermal? Well, yes, they are all thermal in that they all require heat to bind. But the pre-applied glue in the Coverbind covers is a unique composition of specialty EVA binding glue along with a strip of fabric. I know, that sounds a bit weird, but that mesh within the glue works an anchor, pulling your pages deeper into the glue, and holding them down.

The glue is also placed, instead of poured, into the covers; this slight difference also ensures perfectly consistent glue application from top to bottom, and completely eliminates any possibility of the glue seeping out of the ends of the cover when heated. That is why these special thermal binding covers are considered the strongest in the business. And it is also why thermal binding has made a bit of a comeback since last year.

In addition to their unmatched strength, Coverbind has a very wide variety of cover solutions, including choices with clear covers, linen textured fabric, and hard covers in various styles. They even have some options that you can customize without any additional specialized equipment. Coverbind themselves can also premium-print the covers to meet your exact needs. The price per cover also tends to be less than alternative brands, however, that will vary depending on the type of cover, size, etc.


ProBind covers are pretty limited in variety of options; standard covers only include basic soft and basic hard covers. There are not a lot of color choices, nor a lot of standard sizes. While some covers can be special-ordered, that requires a lead time and higher cost. ProBind can customize the covers to meet your exact needs. They use a traditional strip of binding glue within the cover spines that is heated in the machine and, once cooled/set, holds your pages in-place.


Unibind is unique, in they they use a steel spine. That is what actually activates their machines to work with the covers. Some users have said that they are not fans of this look or feel, as it removes some of the flexibility of the soft covers. It also means that the thickness of the spine itself is not as seamless with the pages bound, sticking out a bit more. Unibind does offer some photobook style hard covers where you can customize them, and the quality looks wonderful, however, they require another separate machine in addition to the binding machine, so not all users find it realistic.

So what do you think? Have you used one (or all) of these thermal binding covers and found the same data that we did? Or do you have a different experience to share? We want to hear from you! Please email with your experience. Or if you have more questions, you can reach customer service at 866-537-2244 or

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