Wire-O 3:1 Pre-Punched Clear Gloss Binding Covers (Pack of 100)
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Wire-O 3:1 Pre-Punched Clear Gloss Binding Covers (Pack of 100)

Brand: Binding101
  • Punched with 32 holes in 3:1 pitch hole pattern
  • Choose from square or round holes
  • Popular letter size sheets
  • Choose from various thicknesses
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If you're looking for pre-punched clear binding covers, then look no further. Here at Binding101 we offer as full selection of clear glossy front covers that are punched in different hole shapes and patterns to fit perfectly with any binding method you choose. Whether you want to pair them with plastic spiral coils, twin loop wire bindings, gbc combs, velo strips, or even 3-ring binders, you can find the report covers you need right here.
Our clear covers have a glossy finish that gives you a crystal clear view of the first page of your document. Often called clear acetate covers, they come in several different thicknesses (called "mils") including a lightweight 5 mil, medium weight 7 mil, and heavy weight 10 mil. The plastic material is acid-free and resist moisture, making it easy to wipe clean from dust or liquids. Just choose the punching pattern and binding style, then the cover size, cover thickness, and whether or not you would prefer tissue sheets between each cover (which some customers find helpful with static electricity). Clear gloss binding covers are packaged with 100 sheets per pack and can be used as front covers, paired with vinyl backings, or be used as front and back covers so you can have the back of your last page show through as well.


Manufacturer Part Number 0302
Country of Manufacture USA
Quantity 100 Covers / Pack
Material Acid-Free Clear Acetate Binding Covers


Our clear punched covers are available with several different punching patterns for various kinds of bindings. We have 43 and 44 round and oval hole punched covers for spiral coil binding, 32 square or round holes for Wire-O twin loop binding, 19 rectangular holes for plastic comb binders, 11 round holes for velo bindings, and 3-hole punched for ring binders. These various binding covers are all made of the same acid-free glossy plastic coverstock. These clear binding covers are often called clear acetate covers, and the glossy finish can actually help enhance your underlying page colors and contrast. They offer a crystal-clear view of your first page, so you can clearly display the document total page, your company information, your client's information, or anything else you wish.

We stock pre-punched clear gloss binding covers that eliminate your need to hassle with punching them yourself. Just pair them with pre-punched paper and back covers for a full solution that can speed up your document making process greatly. Perfect for quick on-demand job requirements, or for those not ready to invest into a punch machine, these covers are available in several common sheet sizes, thicknesses, and with or without tissue interlacingĀ¹.

What Else do I Need to Bind?

In addition to the pre-punched clear gloss covers, you will also need the binding spines. Some binding methods may require a closer or finisher, while you can also pair the covers with punched backings or filler paper. Use the chart below to be directed to the supplies and accessories needed for each different binding method.

Spiral Plastic CoilWire-O Twin LoopSpiral-O Twin LoopPlastic Comb (GBC)Velo3-Ring Binders
Binding Spines Coil Binding Spines Wire-O Twin Loop Binding Spines Spiral-O Twin Loop Binding Spines Plastic Comb Binding Spines Velo Binding Strips 3-Ring Binders (Letter Size)
Binding Finisher Coil Crimpers Wire Closer  Comb Opener/Closer Velo Binding Machine n/a
Pre-Punched Paper (Optional) Coil Punched Paper Custom Comb & Spiral-O Punched Paper Velo Punched Paper n/a
Pre-Punched Back Covers (Optional) Coil Punched Back Covers Custom Comb & Spiral-O Punched Back Covers Velo Punched Back Covers n/a

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