From taking notes for customers over the phone to leaving reminders and making to-do lists for the day ahead, padded paper is a mainstay that will never waiver in most industries. With our selection of padding equipment, ensure you always have a way to create a high-quality notepad. With the high demand for paper in the healthcare, legal, and education fields, access to top-quality paper pads is a necessity. Instead of buying countless paper pads, which can be costly and inconvenient, consider investing in paper pad supplies to make them yourself — a cost-effective, efficient solution that is easy to master.

Easy-to-use and offering great results, padding press machines are used to create pads of paper in large batches with very little effort. We have a selection of the best pad presses for various needs; from smaller tabletop models to electric options, we can help you find the right outcome for your needs and budget. 

We stock a variety of the best pad making supplies and accessories to make the process simple and to help you create a top-quality finished notepad without breaking the bank. Padding compound glue, chipboard backings, pad application brushes, pad maker counters, and many more tools are available.

Best Padding Press Machines

Browse our selection of top-selling padding press machines below. These systems are flying off the shelves, and keep customers happy for years to come. They are easy to use, affordable, and efficient.

• High Volume, Automated
• Makes 720 Pads per Hour
• Max 3" Thick Stacks

• High Volume
• 20" Stack Capacity
• Hold 2 Stacks of Paper Side-by-Side

• Mid-Level System
• 19.75" Stack Capacity
• Hold 2 Stacks of Paper Side-by-Side

• Economical
• 5" H Stack Capacity
• 11" x 17" Max Sheet Size

Featured Press: Paddy Wagon

In this video, we show you how to use the Paddy Wagon. This impressive vice is ideal for large facilities that need to make large quantities of pads at one time, frequently. It has awesome features to make pad making faster and easier than before.
The PaddyWagon is the most well-known padding system, often found in production and printing facilities to make high-volume pads of paper quickly and conveniently, with no mess.

Best Selling Padding Supplies

Our top- of the line pad making supplies includes our powerful and flexible padding adhesive glue, durable pad brushes, convenient pad counters, and affordable chip board backings.

• Standard, Fast-Dry, or Fan-A-Part
• Quart or Gallon
• Non-Toxic

• 2" Wide Flat Brush
• Solid Wood Handle
• Pack of 12

• Sizes: 2", 4", or 5"
• Solid Wood Handle
• Easy Create Consistent Pads

• Sizes: 8.5" x 11" to 26" x 38"
• Colors: Natural Brown/Kraft Chipboard
• Thickness: 22pt to 30pt

Pad Making Inspiration

One of our favorite things about padding is the customization opportunity that is completely in your hands. The ability to make any kind of notepad, with any design or phrase is kind of exciting - which is why we find inspiration for pad making often and want to share a few of our favorites. Use a padding press and pad supplies to make customized DIY note pads for your business, home, gifts, and so much more. Here are just a few of the popular applications for pad making that may inspire you.

• Shopping Lists
• Idea journals
• Hotel Phone Pads
• NCR and Multi-Part Forms

• Magnetic Fridge Notes
• Checklists
• Workbooks
• Kids Crafts

• Metalicized Messages
• Personalized Gifts
• Tear-Off Notepads
• Promotional Products

• Prescription Pads
• SWAG at Tradeshows
• University Pads for Staff
• Gratitude Journals
...& So Much More!

DIY Custom Notepad Inspiration DIY Custom Notepad Inspiration

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