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Akiles CBM650 Plastic Comb Opener

Item #: 04AKCBM650

Akiles CBM650 Comb Opener
Akiles CBM650 Comb Opener Angles
Akiles CBM650 Comb Opener Features

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If you already have a comb punching machine, but need a way to bind plastic combs separately, then buy the Akiles CBM650 plastic comb opener online. Separating the comb opener from the punch let's you work in an assembly line fashion, so while one person is punching sheets, another person is binding the books. This can speed up production greatly. The CBM650 comes with a stand for this reason, but can also be mounted onto a variety of Akiles comb punching machines as well (mounting hardware not included). It can handle the full range of comb spines from 3/16" all the way up to 2" in size, so you are not limited. It can also handle combs as wide as 14" so works well for any sheet sizes up to legal size, including letter size and half size as well.




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