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When you choose Coverbind thermal binding as your documentation binding method, you will be stunned by the unmatched speed, easy to use systems, and hassle-free finishing that will save you time, frustration, and money.

Thermal binding employs a heated system that pairs with unique pre-made wrap-around covers that have a specialty glue in the spines. The huge selection of covers available increases your versatility of finished look, while the simple machines require no complicated settings or adjustments; just drop in your documents, and walk away. Coverbind covers can also be edited once or twice to allow for quick correcting of errors before your presentation.

By combining innovative thermal binding technology with high-quality covers, you can produce flawlessly bound documents in no time at all. Coverbind is so inexpensive and fast to operate, that you can use it for single presentation binding or large batches with hundreds of books.

Flex vs. Wire Binding
Race to the Finish!

Saying that Coverbind is the fastest way to bind documents is one thing, but seeing it is a whole other ball game.

Watch this video to see just how much faster thermal binding is that wire-o binding, even using the smallest Coverbind model, the Flex.

Imagine the larger machines being even 6x faster, and beyond! Your staff will be so thankful for the elimination of hassle and the freeing up of their time to perform other tasks.

If you're tired of wasting time punching page after page, only to have to hassle with a loose binding spine to get it through those holes, and properly close it so it looks neat, all just to repeat the process over and over again to make several books, then check out Coverbind instead!

Sorry for the run-on sentence…but sometimes the punch-and-bind process can be so long and tedious, not to mention tiring and costly (with so much time and labor needed) that it stresses us out! As you can see in this side-by-side comparison video of Wire-O binding and Coverbind thermal binding, there is no competition on which method is the fastest and easiest option.

Coverbind Binding Machines

Whether you manually produce documents in-house and on-demand or you are looking to improve the binding process at your workplace, we have all your needs covered in our thermal binding machine collection. Increase output speeds, volume, and overall efficiency by investing in one of our Coverbind thermal binding machines today.

Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine with Cooling RackCoverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine with Cooling Rack

The Flex is the perfect tabletop machine for small and medium businesses with frequent binding needs. It is a powerful, compact, and attractive manual binding machine that fits perfectly into any office environment.

Operation: Manual
Speed: 15 Books per Minute
Compatible Spines: Up to 2"
Suggested User: Small-Medium Office

Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding MachineCoverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine

With the Cube, you can produce top-quality hard and softcover documents without any hassle, and faster than any other traditional method on the market. Automated, continuous loading makes for fast and simple walk-away binding. 

Operation: Semi-Automatic
Speed: 60 Books per Minute
Compatible Spines: Up to 5/8"
Suggested User: Medium-Large Office

Coverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding MachinesCoverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machines

The new and improved Ultra feature automatic continuous loading with Drop&Go technology so you can walk away from the machine. Choose from two models: Ultra or Ultra Plus.

Operation: Semi-Automatic
Speed: 120 Books per Minutes
Compatible Spines:
Up to 5/8" (1-1/2" with Ultra Plus model)
Suggested User: Large Office

Coverbind Thermal Binding Covers

Thermal binding covers come in a large selection of cover styles. Choose from softcover with clear fronts, soft covers with linen fronts, window cut-outs, and even eco-friendly options. Or choose a hard cover for a premium finish. Browse the collection below to learn more.

Coverbind Linen Thermal Binding CoversCoverbind Linen Thermal Binding Covers

Linen Coverbind thermal covers are available in full linen covers with linen fronts and backs, or covers with linen backs and clear fronts to show your first page through.

Coverbind Hard Cover Thermal Binding CoversCoverbind Hard Cover Thermal Binding Covers

Hard Coverbind thermal covers are available in full covers or covers with windows. They offer a premium solution that is sure to impress clients of all kinds. Available in select colors.

Coverbind Print On-Demand Thermal Binding CoversCoverbind Print On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers

Print On-Demand thermal covers let you customize your Coverbind covers in a new way. They are available in soft and hard covers, and require no special printing equipment.

Coverbind Thermal Binding Cover Assortment PacksCoverbind Thermal Binding Cover Assortment Packs

Don't want a full pack of Coverbind covers in just one style or color? Then our assortment packs are perfect for you! Bring variety to your binding solution.

Custom Coverbind Thermal Binding CoversCustom Coverbind Thermal Binding Covers

We can create the personalized thermal binding covers you need, including a huge variety of softcover and hardcover options starting as small as 6.75" H x 6" W. Choose from the full range of spine sizes from 1/16" to 2" for soft covers, or from 1/8" to 2" for hardcovers. Standard colors include black, white, royal blue, navy, red, burgundy, light gray, and green, but we can also create custom colors and use specialty materials -- one of our most unique customers orders purple faux snake-skin material hardcovers. We can custom print your binding covers, foil stamp, emboss, and deboss to get you the exact look you want. We can also create windows in the front cover in any size you need. Call us at (866)537-2244 today for a quote or click here to learn more about custom

New Continuous Loading Automation

Coverbind gives you the ability to batch-feed your documents, press start, and walk away. The continuous rotation of the binding segments means you can keep adding more documents as it moves, without having to wait for the process to finish. Your time is freed-up to work on other projects while the automated machines produce professional-quality bound documents. All you have to do is Drop&Go. Available on Ultra and Cube models.

Unmatched Speed

Even with the manual desktop model, Coverbind thermal binding offers unmatched speed that is sure to impress.

Flex: 15 / Minute
Cube: 60 / Minute
Ultra: 120 / Minute
Ultra+: 120 / Minute

Improved Strength & Functionality

The Accel line of Coverbind systems have improved functionalist over previous models, as do all of the new cover options. Coverbind covers have a unique mesh insert embedded in the glue that grabs and pulls-in your pages for the strongest thermal bind possible.

Huge Selection of Cover Styles • Get the Look YOU Want

The large selection of cover choices means you are not stuck with the same look; you can change it for different clients, various projects, and more. Having both soft and hard cover options, as well as earth-friendly solutions and even custom printable covers, means you will never have to settle again.

Soft Covers

Available in a variety of standard colors and styles. Clear fronts, linen, customized, and more.

Hard Covers

Hard covers have a faux leather finish and are available plain, window, or with a printable label.

Print On-Demand

Design your own cover and print with your own standard printer using our on-demand covers.


Reduce your environmental footprint with innovative eco-friendly cover options.

Popular Users & Applications


• Proposals
• Presentations
• Quarterly/Annual Reports
• Board Meeting Reports
• Sales Tools

Schools & Universities

• Yearbooks & Textbooks
• Student Publications
• Crafts/Gifts for Parents
• Course Catalogs
• Orientation Documents

Real Estate

• Proposals
• Sales Tools
• Home Buyer Gifts
• Board Meeting Reports
• Presentation Materials

Photo Studios

• Photo Books
• Gallery Highlights
• Sales Tools
• Sponsorship/Donor Presentations
• Art Collections

Coverbind FAQs

1. How is Coverbind different than basic thermal binding?
Coverbind binding is a thermal binding brand-name that is known for its incredibly strong and professional finished bind. They are the only manufacturer of automated thermal binding machines, fitting into a unique space where older systems could not handle the volume requirements. Some of Coverbind's most notable features include:

  • They are the only manufacturer of automated thermal binding machines.
  • They incorporate a unique mesh embedded into thermal binding cover glue, for incredible strength.
  • They offer a huge variety of thermal binding covers to choose from, making them versatile for any number of document binding needs.
  • They offer the only thermal bind covers with a true, flush-cut for a perfectly square spine.

2. What kind of Coverbind machines are there?
Over the years Coverbind has modified and improved its machinery to meet the changing needs of its clientele. Their current line of machinery is called the "Accel" line and features 4 impressive thermal binding machines: Accel Flex, Accel Cube, Accel Ultra, and Accel Ultra Plus. Each of these machines is tailored to a different volume of binding and, therefore, a different market and customer base.

The Flex is their smallest machine, built perfectly for small to mid-sized businesses that need to bind for their clients, internal documents, and more. It is a manual thermal binding machine where the user would put their thermal binding cover of choice (with filler pages) onto the heat plate, and then move it to the cooling rack manually when the bind is complete. It is designed to handle up to about 2,000 documents per year.

The Accel Cube is a mid-level thermal binding machine that automates the process with a continuously moving binding station, so you can stand by the machine and keep loading in documents. This speeds up the number of documents per hour immensely and makes it even simpler that thermal binding has ever been (who knew it could get easier?!). The Accel Cube thermal binder is great for users who need to bind between 2,000 and 5,000 documents per year.

The Accel Ultra is the crème de la crème of thermal binding machines, with the automatic rotating binding station that holds more than it's little brother, the Cube. Continuously loading your documents produces binding speeds up to 120 documents per minute...yes, seriously...per MINUTE! It works great for large offices and binderies who need to make up to 10,000 documents per year, or more. The Ultra Plus is just like the Ultra, but has document dividers that are spaced further apart to allow for thicker document bindings.


3. What about the Coverbind 5000, 7000, 9000, and 9000EX? Are those gone?

The Coverbind machines got a facelift and component update, but they function the same as the older models. If you have a Coverbind 5000, 7000, 9000, or 9000EX, don't worry; all of the new and improved Coverbind covers are still compatible.

  • Coverbind 5000 = Accel Flex
  • Coverbind 7000 = Accel Cube
  • Coverbind 9000 = Accel Ultra
  • Coverbind 9000EX = Accel Ultra Plus

4. What kind of Coverbind covers are available?
There are several different kinds of Coverbind thermal binding covers available, including a huge range of both soft covers and hard covers. Unique to Coverbind only, these covers are true flush-cut, meaning the spines are perfectly squared off, which means that the first and last pages of your book will line up with all of the center sheets. Other alternatives with U-shaped spines make the first and last pages stick out further than the center sheets. This allows the cover sizes to be exact, not oversized to compensate for the offset.

5. How long does it take for the covers to dry?
Because there is a glue involved, the glue needs adequate time to properly "cure". Depending on the book thickness, the average recommended curing time is 2 minutes. Thicker books may need to cure a bit longer, while thinner books may be faster. This "drying time" or cooling time will ensure that the bind is strong and secure. Handling your books before the glue is cured can affect the strength of bind. Click here for more info on Coverbind cooling time.


6. Why are my pages falling out?
Coverbind thermal binding covers are 4 to 5 times stronger than other comparable binding methods, on average. Follow these guidelines to ensure your book is always bound to its full strength potential. Click here for more info on these tips.

  • Use the cover size selector
  • Jog your pages first
  • Allow the glue to cure completely before handling

7. Why is the glue strip short?
Because Coverbind glue strips are placed, not poured, they do not need to extend all the way to the end of the covers. This in no way affects the integrity or strength of the bind. In fact, this feature combined with the mesh strip makes Coverbind the strongest thermal binding option with zero chance of glue dripping out of the edges.


8. Do Coverbind machines require regular maintenance?
No, Coverbind thermal binding machines do not require any regular maintenance to keep them running at peak performance.


9. Are Coverbind spine measurements accurate?
Yes! Coverbind spine sizes are exact measurements, making it easier to choose the perfect size for your book. 


10. Do I have to crimp the hardcovers?
No! All of our Coverbind hardcovers come pre-crimped so, unlike other brands, you do not need to crimp the cover spine after you bind. That means you don't have to buy a separate crimping machine, or spend the time performing that action.


11. Are Coverbind spines square?
Yes! Coverbind makes their covers precisely 8.5" W x 11" H flush-cut. The creases in the spine are achieved with a patented 90° turn-across crease that creates a perfectly square spine and finished document. Other covers have a U-spine, meaning that the first and last pages in your book end up uneven from the rest of the contents. That is actually why other brand thermal covers are 9" W or so, which helps to hide the uneven book block.


12. Are Coverbind machines easy to use?
Yes! Arguably the easiest way to bind, bar-none, Coverbind machines pair a simple binding mechanism with a sophisticated binding cover, requiring no punching, no inserting, and no crimping.


13. Are Coverbind covers editable?
Yes! Depending on how stuffed the covers are and the cover spine size, most documents can be re-heated and edited between 1-3 times, on average.


14. How do I edit a Coverbind cover?
Open your bound document and mark the page you need to remove with a post-it sticking out. Place the cover onto your Flex machine to re-heat the glue. Once done, slide that page out through the bottom or top of the cover. Do not pull the page up, as this affects the integrity of the glue and may affect the re-bindability. Slide your new page in the same way you removed the other. Move to the cooling rack and allow it to completely cool/cure before handling (2 minutes, recommended).


15. What is Bindomatic?
Bindomatic is the brand name for Coverbind in countries outside of the USA, such as Europe. Your machines may say either Coverbind or Bindomatic; both are the same quality machines.


16. Who owns Coverbind?
Coverbind has been a leader in the thermal binding industry for over 30 years. They are a subsidiary of Bindomatic AB of Sweden. In 2017 a United States company, Spiral, partnered with Bindomatic to become the US provider of Coverbind products. Coverbind USA is now a Spiral Company.

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