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Lithco Padding Glue (Multiple Sizes Available)


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Used for making your own pads of paper, we offer padding compound in three different styles, including fast drying, extra fast drying, or fan-a-part, as well as two color choices, either white or red. Fast drying and extra fast drying options are used for standard pads of paper, while the fan-a-part padding glue is made specifically for carbonless and NCR paper pads. This unique pad glue is made of a water soluble, vinyl adhesive that is non-toxic and emits no VOCs, so is safe for use in all industries including schools and homes. It has been manufactured specifically for paper pad binding, so offers distinctive strength and flexibility, while still allowing for easy tear-off applications. One solid coat of this glue is acceptable for most applications and one quart will yield approximately 19 square feet. Depending on your selection below, padding compound can dry and be ready for handling in as little as about 20 minutes. Easy to apply, just clamp your paper stack using one of our padding presses, and brush on the glue using a padding brush. The Lithco brand of pad glue is well-known and very popular for businesses and individual users of all kinds. Ready to make your own pads of paper? Buy Lithco padding glue online today. Before checking out, be sure to browse our other helpful padding accessories to ensure you have everything you need to create perfect pads of paper.

Product Name Price Qty
Fast Drying Padding Glue [White, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUE
Fast Drying Padding Glue [Red, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUERDQ
Fast Drying Padding Glue [White, 1 Gallon] Item#05PADGLUEG
Fast Drying Padding Glue [Red, 1 Gallon] Item#05PADGLUERDG
Extra Fast Drying Padding Glue [White, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUECLQ
Extra Fast Drying Padding Glue [White, 1 Gallon] Item#05PADGLUECLG
Fan-A-Part Padding Glue [White, 1 Quart] Item#05PADGLUEFQ
Fan-A-Part Padding Glue [White, 1 Gallon] Item#05PADGLUEFG

Pad Glue FAQs

Q: How far does a quart vs. gallon go?
The yield of padding glue will vary depending on how many coats are applied and how thick these coats are. A 1 quart container will cover approximately 19 sq. ft. while a 1 gallon container will cover approximately 75 sq. ft.


Q: What is the shelf life?
The shelf life of all of our padding adhesives is approximately 6 month. This is an estimated time-frame that is based on storage in a cool and dry location with the cap tightly applied. Depending on the storage conditions, shelf life may vary.


Q: How long does it take to dry?
The drying time will vary depending on which style you choose, how many coats are applied, how thick the coats are, and environmental factors, such as humidity. These are approximations.

  Glue Style     Dry Time *  
  Fast-Dry     30-40 minutes  
  Extra Fast-Dry     20-30 minutes  
  Fan-A-Part     30-40 minutes  

Product Description

We offer a variety of Lithco padding compounds including fast drying, extra-fast drying, and fan-a-part padding glue. All of our pad glue options are made of a water-soluble vinyl adhesive that not only offers unique strength, but flexibility allowing for page turning and easy tearing off of sheets. One solid coat of our padding glue creates a strong bond for most paper types, but sometimes users may choose to add additional coats when using specialized paper stocks or when creating an especially thick pad of paper. Check the charts below for approximate drying times for each type, as well as approximate yield, and shelf life. All of our padding adhesives are non-toxic and contain no VOC's, which makes them a popular solution for users of all kinds including individuals making craft paper pads at home, teachers and students in schools, offices creating their own branded pads for clients, and printers who produce large jobs for customers on a daily basis. Some of our most popular customers include schools, churches, real estate offices, binderies, car dealerships, and many more. To learn more about the different kinds of pad glues we offer, continue reading and check the charts listed below containing helpful information.

Fast-Dry Padding Glue:
Fast drying padding glue is the most popular option, and is used as a general purpose gluing solution for customers of all kinds.

  Padding Compound     Fast Dry White (1 Quart)      Fast Dry White (1 Gallon)     Fast Dry Red (1 Quart)     Fast Dry Red (1 Gallon)  
  Color (Wet)     White   White   Red / Pink   Red / Pink
  Color (Dried)     Clear   Clear   Red   Red
  Yield Coverage*     19 sq. ft.   75 sq. ft.   19 sq. ft.   75 sq. ft.
  Dry Time *     30-40 minutes   30-40 minutes   30-40 minutes   30-40 minutes
  Shelf Life **     6 Months   6 Months   6 Months   6 Months


Extra Fast-Dry Padding Glue:
Extra fast padding glue dries about 10 minutes faster than our standard fast-dry option, so is great for binderies and other higher-production faciliteis with frequent and high output requirements.

  Padding Compound     Extra Fast Dry White (1 Quart)      Extra Fast Dry White (1 Gallon)  
  Color (Wet)     White   White
  Color (Dried)     Clear   Clear
  Yield Coverage*     19 sq. ft.   75 sq. ft.
  Dry Time *     20-30 minutes   20-30 minutes
  Shelf Life **     6 Months   6 Months


Fan-A-Part Padding Glue:
Fan-a-part (sometimes spelled "fan apart") padding compound was manufactured to be used with carbonless paper and multi-part forms, including the popular NCR and Mead brands. 

  Padding Compound     Fan-A-Part (1 Quart)      Fan-A-Part (1 Gallon)  
  Color (Wet)     White/Clear   White/Clear
  Color (Dried)     Clear   Clear
  Yield Coverage*     19 sq. ft.   75 sq. ft.
  Dry Time *     30-40 minutes   30-40 minutes
  Shelf Life **     6 Months   6 Months


How to Use Padding Glue:
Making pads of paper with our padding compound is simple! Just follow these steps to make your own uniquely customized pads of paper.
   ①  Clamp your stacks of paper together using your choice of padding press. This can also be done with a standard clamp on any stable work surface.
   ②  Apply the padding glue to the exposed edge of your choice using a padding brush. Be sure that the edges are covered from side to side, as well as top to bottom.
   ③  Allow the glue to dry for the recommended time, or longer depending on the coat thickness. Apply an additional coat, if necessary.


Paper padding is a fun option to make gifts for friends and family, to brand your business without expensive outsourcing costs, and can prove to be a valuable option for printers to offer their clients. There is no limitation to the thickness of the pad you can create, from tiny 1/4" pads, to thick 2" pads! Just gather your pages together into a clean, square stack, and follow the directions above. Thicker stacks of paper will be heavier, and may require multiple coats of glue, but the binding process is exactly the same.

* This is an estimation and may vary depending on the thickness and number of coats applied. May also vary depending on environmental factors.
** Shelf life is an estimation based on a cool dry storage environment with the cap secure.  Shelf life may vary depending on storage conditions.


Manufacturer Lithco, Inc.
Shipping Weight (lbs) 10
Quantity 1 Container
Material Water-Soluble Adhesive (Non-Toxicm No VOCs)
Binding Style Paper Padding

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