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Challenge Paddy Wagon® Padding Press


Challenge Paddy Wagon® Padding Press - Buy101

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The Challenge Paddy Wagon® is one of the most well-know padding machines on the market for businesses and print shops that need to create a large number of paper pads, frequently. This high-capacity padder works with paper stacks as thick as 31" and as wide as 23 ½", so you can make extra large pads of paper in bulk. The swing-out back plate and overall patented design eliminates the typical mess associated with pad production, so there are no drips or spills to clean up off your floor or work space. Handy shelving below the padding vice make for convenient storage of padding supplies, and double as a drip-catcher for excess padding glue. When you buy the Challenge Paddy Wagon® padding press online, you also get a mobile padding station with heavy duty rolling castors.

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