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Padding Brushes (Pack of 12)

Item #: 05PADBRUSH

Padding Brushes With Wooden Handle
12 Pack of Padding Brushes for Pad Binding
Custom Pads of Paper + DIY Paper Pads
Custom Pads of Paper + DIY Paper Pads

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Qty/Pack : 12


Padding brushes are an essential accessory for anyone who binds pads of paper, whether in high or low volumes. These specially designed pad glue brushes are sold in packages of 12 and feature a durable wooden handle with a 2" wide flat brush tip. The handle is comfortable, so using these pad brushes for even long periods of time will offer more relief than a traditional paint brush. You can buy padding brushes online and use them to apply padding adhesive to your stacks of paper, utilizing the convenience of a padding press, to create your own paper pads easily.




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