Chip Board Sheets (Price per Pack)
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Chip Board Sheets (Price per Pack)

Brand: Binding101
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  • The thickness often being compared to a cereal box.
  • Perfect for packaging applications, especially to prevent items from scratching during shipment, these kraft boards are made of completely recycled content.
  • Color: Natural (Brown/Gray)
  • Sizes: 8.5" x 11" - 26" x 38"
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Chip board sheets come in a huge selection of sizes and thicknesses. They offer an environmentally friendly solution for many applications, such as the backing for pads of paper, notebook and journal covers, unique business cards, wedding place cards and invitations, gift tags and greeting cards, report covers for your binding projects, as well as crafts of many kinds, including lettering. They are available in a "natural" color, which can vary from brown to gray due to the fact that they are made from 100% recycled materials. You may also notice speckles within the chipboard for this reason, which makes every single piece unique.
You can buy chip board sheets online in several thicknesses, including 22, 24, and 30 point. 22-24 point chipboard sheets are often compared to the approximate thickness and stability of a cereal box, and 30 point chipboard sheets are closer to the thickness of a credit card. The packaged quantity varies depending on the size and thickness, so be sure to check the quantity listed per box. We also offer custom chipboard sheets in very thick options and custom-cut sizes, or with custom printing.


Manufacturer General Graphic
Manufacturer Part Number CHIPBRDSHT GRP
Country of Manufacture USA
Color Natural (Brown/Gray)
Material Chipboard
Corners Square
Shipping Weight (lbs) 50
Shipping Information 40" x 48" Boards must ship via truck. All other sizes ship via UPS.


At Binding101 you can buy chip board sheets online in a large selection of sizes, from standard letter size 8 ½" x 11", up to extra large 40" x 48" sheets. In addition to the sizes available, we also stock the most popular thicknesses, which are all flexible and include 22 point, 24 point, and 30 point. The "point" is the industry-standard measurement for chipboard, however, to make it easier to understand, simply move the decimal point three spaces to the left, so the 30 point becomes 0.03" thick. For comparison, 22 to 24 point chip board is often compared to the thickness of a cereal box and 30 point to a driver's license or credit card.

The uses for chipboard sheets are endless...use them for backings on pads of paper to provide more support for the sheets, or as unique report covers that will make your business stand out. Use them to create rustic and unique business cards or beautiful wedding invitations. Whatever you choose, chip board offers a special solution that won't blend in with the crowd.

In addition to the look, chip board is an eco-friendly product that is created from 100% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. Because it is a recycled product, the color of the boards can range from brown to gray, which adds more uniqueness to the rustic look that they offer. Every sheet really is unique!

If you've been searching for chip board sheets but can't find what you need, there is no need to look any further. In addition to our stocked sizes and thicknesses, we also offer custom chip board sheets.

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Frequent Asked Questions

24 point works for notebook covers? or is it very thin? which do you advise me?
Asked by Beycis
The 24pt is quite thin and flexible. If you need something more rigid, then you may need to look into a custom thickness at least 40 or 60 pt. You can learn more here:
Answer by Mallory
What does "point" mean?
Asked by Customer

"Point" is a measurement that refers to the thickness of the sheet. To convert to an inch measurement, simply move the decimal three places to the left, so a 24 point becomes 0.024" thick.

Answer by Binding101
I am still confused about thickness...can you compare them to common items?
Asked by Customer

20 and 24 point chip board sheets are similar to the thickness of a cereal box, while 30 point is closer to the thickness of a credit card. If you need something thicker (even up to a rigid chip boards) we can create custom chip board sheets to meet your specific needs.

Answer by Binding101
Are they acid-free?
Asked by Customer

No, chip boards are not acid-free.

Answer by Binding101

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