At Binding101 we stock a wide variety of professional staplers that are ideal for office environments where daily, higher volume stapling is needed. We have a huge selection that includes various singl-head, double-head, and triple head configurations so you can apply more staples simultaneously. We also offer flat clinch staplers, saddle staplers for booklets, and long-reach staplers for stapling deep into a stack of pages. We also offer both manual options for low volume, and electric option for high volume. Browse some of our most popular stapler categories below.

What Kinds of Staplers are there?

There are many different kinds of staplers... who knew?! Picking up any basic stapler may not be the best bet, especially if you work with larger sheets that need multiple staples per document, or if you are using them to hold your pages together before binding with another method, or if you need to work with thick capacities. One stapler certanly does not fit all! Below we will briefly overview the various kinds of staple machines we offer.

Standard Office StaplersStandard Office Staplers

A standard stapler is what you picture when you think of a basic office stapler; a single-head little machine that is ideal for corner and edge stapling. Standard staplers can be either manual or electric, and are available for a wide variety of capacities and set-depths.

Flat Clinch StaplersFlat Clinch Staplers

Standard staplers compress a staple into a stack of paper and, when you look at the bottom of the stapler (with the legs) you can see a curve. This outward curve of the legs is what makes a stack of stapled documents sit off-kilter with the stapled corner higher than the rest of the page. A flat clinch stapler, however, compresses those legs straight, greatly reducing that lift.

Maual StaplersMaual Staplers

Manually activated staplers are just that: they produce and press a staple into your pages when you manually press down on the head/bar. They are designed for occassional stapling of smaller stacks of pages.

Electric StaplersElectric Staplers

Most of the staplers we offer are electric, and offer one or more activation points. One option is automatic when you press the paper against the back gauge, and one other option is foot pedal activation for more control. The options depend on the model, but these machines are strong and powerful for extra thick stacks of sheets and frequent stapling with less hassle.

Long Reach StaplersLong Reach Staplers

Long reach staplers have a deep-set back gauge so that you can staple extra deep into the sheet. These machines are often used for booklet stapling on the spines.

Single Head StaplersSingle Head Staplers

Single head staplers have a, you guessed it, single head. This means that they insert staples one at a time. They are the most common kind of desktop stapler, and what most people picture.

Double Head StaplersDouble Head Staplers

Double head staplers have two heads that will apply two staples simultaneously. This makes them great for larger documents and top-stapling, cutting the time and effort in half.

Triple Head StaplersTriple Head Staplers

Triple head staplers have three heads that all activate simultaneously, tripling your speed and and eliminating hassle. The heads are adjustable so you can set their locations for your specific applications.

Best Stapler Brands

At Binding101 we pride ourselves on offering only the best stapler brand-names. These manufacturers and their machines have prooven time and time again that they can produce the best-in-class staplers to offer our clients the most value.