Custom Binders

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Get beautiful, professional custom ring binders from Binding101. All of our personalized binders are made in the USA to strict quality standards and available in a huge selection of styles, ring configurations, colors, printing options, etc. Our state of the art manufacturing plants and expert operating staff ensure a beautiful finish for your binders, no matter which style you choose. Minimum orders start at just 50 binders, depending on the style you choose. We offer a wide variety of styles including vinyl, poly, entrapment, turned edge, chipboard, paperboard, easel, and so much more. Ready to learn more about the specific kinds of ring binders we can customize for you? Scroll down to read all of the basics. 

Custom Vinyl BindersCustom Vinyl Binders

Custom Vinyl Binders
Starting Minimum: 50 Pieces

Custom vinyl binders are our most requested material, and are considered "standard". We offer nearly limitless customization options, including simple 1 color printing, premium 4 color process / full color printing, foil stamping, debossing, and more. Vinyl is available in a huge selection of colors, and even some special textures and patterns are available. They can be created with or without pockets on the inside an outside, and can be made in a variety of sheet and ring sizes. 

Custom Poly Binders
Starting Minimum: 100 Pieces

Custom poly binders are a very popular choice, especially for schools and churches. The poly material is an eco-friendly plastic that can be made in a variety of thicknesses, from flexible to rigid, as well as a huge selection of colors, including even translucent and tinted colors. There are several reasons why custom plastic binders are so popular: for one, they are inexpensive. The per-piece price of these ring binders is one of our least expensive options, so can fit well into nearly any budget. They are also easy to clean, so getting wet will not damage the material. And they are also very durable, outlasting many other binder types, as the poly resists tearing and cracking, even with heavy use.

Custom Turned Edge BindersCustom Turned Edge Binders

Custom Turned Edge Binders
Starting Minimum: 50 Pieces

If you want a premium-branded ring binder, made to meet even the highest expectations for an upscale appeal, then consider custom turned edge binders. They are made with special materials that are wrapped around sturdy chipboard and can be customized in literally thousands of different ways. Most popular with big brand names and corporations that will not substitute quality and brand-image, these classy custom binders can be made with a huge number of materials, including even fabrics and genuine leather; if you have your own fabric you want to supply, we can often even use that. On the inside of the binder most customers choose to have a plain "liner" in either white or black linen, however, the inside can be made with the same material as the front of your binder and printed, if you prefer. Want a glossy look? We can laminate your printed design on the binder.

Custom Entrapment BindersCustom Entrapment Binders

Custom Entrapment Binders
Starting Minimum: 50 Pieces

 A custom entrapment binder has premium-printed sheets that are placed onto a vinyl binder and sealed onto the binder underneath a clear vinyl sheet. Imagine our popular clear view binders, but with the top pocket, opening sealed closed. This is a popular custom ring binder because it gives you a premium full-color printed binder look, but without that expensive unit price. Custom entrapment binders are a great alternative option to a traditional custom vinyl binder when you want to print full-color photos. Because printing full color (called 4 color process) can be very expensive to print directly onto a vinyl binder, these entrapment binders (sometimes called embedment binders) are a much less expensive alternative.

Custom Chipboard Eco-Friendly BindersCustom Chipboard Eco-Friendly Binders

Custom Eco-Friendly Chipboard Binders
Starting Minimum: 100 Pieces

The chipboard is made from 100% recycled materials, creating a unique look for each individual binder that can vary from brown to gray in color, and sometimes include speckles and natural discolorations. The beauty of a custom environmentally friendly binder is partially in this uniqueness, and partially in the printing itself. We use vegetable-based inks, so even the printing stays "green" for an all-around earth-friendly solution. Printing onto the natural brown material will cause some dulling of the color vibrancy, which plays well with the overall look, however, if you want more of a pop, request a "hit of white" underneath the design to create a cleaner starting canvas.

Custom Paperboard BindersCustom Paperboard Binders

Custom Paperboard Binders
Starting Minimum: 250 Pieces

Custom printed paperboard ring binders are most popular for businesses and organizations that want to have full-color images printed on the front, spine, and back covers, without paying a huge unit price per binder. They are made of a flexible paperboard that is still durable and sturdy, however, can easily be bent, which means they are not ideal for heavy handling or traveling. The colors printed are vibrant and bright, creating an impressive image, no matter your design.  These personalized flexible binders are popular for smaller real estate agencies, hospitals and medical groups, and many other users. 

Custom Binders with Slip Case BoxesCustom Binders with Slip Case Boxes

Custom Slip Case Binder Sets
Starting Minimum: 50 Pieces

A slipcase ring binder set includes a customized binder (or multiple customized binders) and an open-end box that they can slide into for display and storage. Slipcase binders can be made in any variety of binder styles already discussed, including vinyl, turned edge (shown in the photo), eco-friendly, paperboard, poly, and more. Some clients choose plain slip case boxes with custom spines on the binders, or some choose full-color printing on all sides; the options are in your hands.

Custom Easel BindersCustom Easel Binders

Custom Easel Display Binders
Starting Minimum: 50 Pieces

Our custom easel binders offer the perfect display and storage solution, as they can be used like traditional binders, or flipped to stand on their own and create a page-turning, standing display. They can be produced in vertical or horizontal formats, and the printing options are truly endless. Easel binders can be made in several styles, including vinyl (shown in the photo), turned edge, and poly, although vinyl is, by far, the most popular option.

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Types of Customizations

Ok, so now that you have an overview of the various kinds of binders available for customizing, let's dive into the types of customizations we can add in a bit more detail. Which specific binders can be personalized in these methods is listed above, and details to help you choose the best are listed below. Your budget and your desired finished look will likely be the biggest factors in the selection of customization, so keep those in mind that, as the customization becomes more complicated, the time and price to produce also increases.

1-Color Printing
Spot Color

1 Color printing is one of the most popular options, as it offers the ability to customize a ring binder with your 1 color logo, contact information, and more. It keeps the price low while still giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

Compatible With:  Vinyl,  Poly,  Turned Edge,  Chipboard,  Easel,  Paperboard,  Slip Case Sets.

Bonus Tip: If you have a dark binder with light printing or are getting an eco binder and you want the brightest possible finish, ask for a "hit of white beneath the ink". This turns it into a 2 color job but could help give you that extra pop.

2-Color Printing
Spot Color

2 Color printing on poly binders offers more versatility, so you can create a more versatile look that will grab the attention of your clients. It helps you stay on-brand if your logo is multi-colored, making it more easily recognizable. Whether you are printing a 2 color logo, or you just have a 1 color logo but want text written in a different color, 2 spot color printing is a great option.

Compatible With:  Vinyl,  Poly,  Turned Edge,  Chipboard,  Paperboard,  Easel,  Slip Case Sets.

3-Color Printing
Spot Color

3 Color printing offers, yet, even more versatility for a more unique look, perfect for more complicated logos. When colors touch each other it is called "close registration".

Compatible With:  Vinyl,  Poly,  Turned Edge,  Chipboard,  Paperboard,  Easel,  Slip Case Sets.

4-Color Process
Full Color

4 Color process (4CP), also known as full color, is a premium solution for those who wish to print photos, graphic designs, and more onto poly binders. This is a popular choice for large corporations and big brands that will not modify their brand image to keep costs low. With a 4CP custom plastic binder, there is no limit to the number of colors, tints, or shades that can be printed.

Compatible With:  Vinyl,  Poly,  Turned Edge,  Chipboard,  Paperboard,  Entrapment (on Paper) Easel,  Slip Case Sets.

Bonus Tip: It is best to choose a light-colored binder for full-color printing to ensure your colors come out as-expected in a stunning vibrancy. If you are using a dark binder, then consider asking for an extra "hit of white under the design" to help the colors pop.

Foil Stamping
Solid Color, Often Metallic

Foil stamping is most popular when you want a metallic look, and is especially popular with gold and silver foils. Solid color foils, as well as metallic in other colors are also available. Some customers will even ask for a black foil on a black binder, which gives an understated glossy design look.

Compatible With:  Vinyl,  Poly,  Turned Edge,  Entrapment (on Paper) Easel,  Slip Case Sets.

Available in Some or All Sides

The padding option adds class and looks expensive. It gives a soft appeal that helps your binder stand out from others on the shelf. We can pad just the front cover, or can also pad the spine and back covers. Padding can be done as the only customization for a ring binder, or we can add printing (1 color shown), a deboss (see below), or a foil stamp (see above).

Compatible With:  Vinyl binders (includes vinyl easel binders, slip case sets, etc)

Blind Debossing
Blank Stamp in Thick Material

A blind deboss is an impression that is pressed into a ring binder that is made with a thicker material. The impression does not have any color and creates a depressed design that looks expensive and classy. It is especially popular for high-end restaurants and corporations that want an understated look for their custom branded products.

Compatible With:  Padded vinyl binders made from select materials (includes padded vinyl easel binders, slip case sets, etc)

Deboss with Print
Stamp in Thick Material with Ink Printed Inside

A blind deboss is an impression that is pressed into a ring binder that is made with a thicker material. The impression does not have any color and creates a depressed design that looks expensive and classy. It is especially popular for high-end restaurants and corporations that want an understated look for their custom branded products.

Compatible With:  Padded vinyl binders made from select materials (includes padded vinyl easel binders, slip case sets, etc)

Deboss with Foil
Stamp in Thick Material with Foil Stamp Added

With a deboss and foil stamp you can blend the depressed stamped look with the pop of a metallic foil. The edges are crisp and easy to read, and the pressed-in look is expensive -- this look is sure to impress your clients.

Compatible With:  Padded vinyl binders made from select materials (includes padded vinyl easel binders, slip case sets, etc)

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Sheet Sizes & Ring Options

Below we display the most popular sheet sizes and corresponding ring configurations to go along with them. These cover about 99% of the US market for sizing, so they will likely work for you, however, we can also create custom sheet sizes and special-order ring configurations that are not standard when requested.

Letter Size
Standard in USA

8.5" W x 11" H Sheets
3-Rings spaced 4.25" apart
Round rings from 1/2" to 3"
Slant-D rings from 1" to 4"

Half Size
Half the Size of Letter Pages

5.5" W x 8.5" H Sheets
3-Rings spaced 2.75" apart
Round rings from 1/2" to 2"
Slant-D rings from 1" to 2"

Memo Size
Planners & Calendars

4" W x 6" H Sheets
6-Rings spaced 0.75" apart in 2 groups (1.5" between groups)
Round rings from 1/2" to 1"

Legal Size
Law Industry-Specific

8.5" W x 14" H Sheets
3-Rings spaced 4.25" apart
Round rings from 1/2" to 3"
Slant-D rings from 1" to 4"


Actual binder sizes will vary depending on the ring size, ring style, etc. Sheet sizes are listed, which are the insert sheets that go into your binders.

Custom Binder FAQs

Q:  How long does a custom binder take to make?

A: The production time for custom binders is going to depend highly on your specific needs. So depending on the type of custom product that you need, the way that the production schedule looks at the time (so how many orders we’re already working on), all of those factors are going to go into the production time that it will take to make your order. Some custom binder orders can be produced in as few as 5 business days, and others may take several months. If you have a rush need, let us know at the time of the quote. We will talk to production to make sure that we can get it delivered, in-hand on the date that you require.


Q:  Do you have bulk discounts?

A: Yes! As more binders are ordered, our costs go down and we want to pass those savings onto you. Depending on the style of binder and customization, price breaks are usually applicable for orders of 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 pieces.


Q:  What kind of file do you need for printing?

A: To guarantee the high-quality standards we stand by, we require equally high-quality files for printing. Please take a look at our artwork requirements to see the file type and size that we require. If you need help, we have an art department that can often assist with certain kinds of modifications (they are not designers).


Q: Can you add special lamination coatings?
A: Yes! Depending on the binder type, a stunning soft touch, or other coatings can make a great addition.


Q: Do you have earth-friendly options?
A: Yes, our chipboard binders are made from 100% recycled chipboard and use a vegetable-based ink for printing. Some paperboard options are also eco friendly, but not all of them, so you will want to specify if that is an important factor. Poly binders are also eco friendly, made from some portion of recycled content and are recyclable.


Made in the USA

Our custom ring binders are manufacturing in the USA to offer premium finishing, unmatched quality control, and fast transit times across the country. When you buy printed binders at Binding101 you stimulate the American economy and support American jobs. For the best quality customized binders, look no further. Call a sales specialist at (866)537-2244 to request a quote or place your order today.

State of the Art, Nation-Wide Production Facilities

We have nation-wide production plants with state of the art equipment that ensure a clean, accurate finish of your personalized binders. Our equipment is upgraded to handle a huge variety of personalization opportunities, so we can address nearly any need you have with beautiful finishing. This, combined with our expertly trained operators, premium manufacturing materials, and knowledgable sales team, ensures you receive the perfect custom binding supply for your individual needs.

Resale & Dealer Partnerships

We are dedicated to our customers of all kinds; this includes dealers and distributors. If you need a quote for a custom product for your own client, let us know at the time of the quote that you are re-selling the product, send us your government-issued resale certificate, and we will work with you on a dealer price discount while protecting your customer relationship. Our dedication to partnerships in both the B2B and B2C markets can help you rest easy knowing your clients will receive products that match your company image.

Nearly 90 Years of Industry Experience

Binding101 has nearly 90 years of experience in the industry; so when you buy your binder customizations here, you are assured quality craftsmanship from start to finish. Repeat orders are a breeze as we keep your artwork on-account and ready to go for your next inventory replenishment. You can rest easy knowing that we will nurture your order from quote to delivery to ensure complete satisfaction.

Custom Term Glossary

When you are speaking with our custom binder specialists about your quote, you may hear some terms that are new to your ears. We've outlined some of the most common custom binder terms below so you can better understand what it means when we ask you "does your artwork have close registration", and other common questions. Know the lingo with this industry terminology.

• Aqueous Coating: A high-gloss clear coating that is used to protect printed pieces, deterring dirt and fingerprints.

• Artwork: Refers to the graphic to be printed on the binder. The same term is used whether you have a photo, a logo, or just basic text to print.

• C1S, C2S: Acronyms for Coated One Side and Coated Two Sides stock.

• Close Registration: The printed image has two or more ink colors that touch or are very near each other. By its nature, four-color process printing always has close registration. Two-color and three-color printing may or may not have close registration, it just depends on the intended design.

• Color Shift: A change in the perceived color on a printed piece caused by changes or irregularities in ink densities, dot gain, material, or color register during a four-color printing press run.

• Coverage: The extent to which printing ink covers the surface of a printed sheet. Ink coverage is frequently expressed as light, medium, or heavy.

• Deboss: To press an image into a material with a die so it extends below the surface. The opposite of embossing where the image is raised above the paper surface.

• Digital Proof: Color separation data is digitally stored and then exposed to color photographic paper creating a picture of the final product before it is actually printed with ink. A digital proof is emailed to customers to review for placement, errors, etc. before the printing process begins.

• Emboss: The molding and reshaping of paper by the use of special metal dies and heat, counter dies and pressure, to produce a raised image on the paper surface

• Flood: Completely covering the material in ink.

• Foil: A thin metal sheet that is applied to the product using the foil stamping process. Most often in gold and other metallic colors, but many are available. Sometimes a white foil is used on black materials, depending on the ink opacity.

• Full Bleed: The printed image runs to the edge of the product.

• Halftone: The process of creating images through the use of dots, varying either in size, shape, or spacing. The dots are so tiny to the naked eye they blend to create varying shades of a color. Especially popular on translucent poly binders.

• Handfeel: A term used to describe the texture or feel of the product. Only used when a special coating is requested, such as a soft touch.

• Lamination: Applying thin transparent plastic sheets on top of customization, providing scuff-resistance, waterproofing, extended use, and special finishing touches/handfeels.

• Line Art: Artwork consisting only of outlines filled solid with no halftones.

• Opacity: The ink’s ability to cover the color of the substrate. For example, it is important to have a white ink with a high opacity to use as an under base for printing on dark materials. 

• PMS Color: Or Pantone Color Matching system is a method of matching colors developed by Pantone.

• Press Proof: A printed sample made on the press that a project will be printed on to show exactly how it will actually print using the paper, ink, and plates to be used for the final press run. Available only on select jobs. Can be made for a charge.

• Rivets: The two metal pieces that hold the binder spine onto the cover. Usually placed on the spine, but sometimes placed on the back cover (such as with D-ring binders)

• Rivets Concealed: When the rivet it is hidden underneath the binder wrap.

• Rivets Exposed: When the rivet is exposed on the spine or back cover.

• Vector (Art): Created with a software program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, a vector is a clean, camera-ready piece of artwork that can be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality.

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Custom Binder Inspiration

Browse our gallery of some of our favorite custom binder jobs and clients below to get some inspiration. Remember; when it comes to personalizing ring binders for your business, your imagination is the limit!

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