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Plastic Oval Snap Lock Binding Rings (Pack of 100)


Similar to our round plastic snap rings, these oval book rings are made of a durable plastic and feature a peg-and-hole closure that is secure, but easy to manually open when changes are needed. These binding rings measure 2" long and 15/16" wide on the inside diameter. The unique oval shape lets you set holes deeper into your materials, increasing tear-resistance when placed in fragile materials. Affordable and easy to apply, these plastic binding rings are a popular option for lightweight fabric or paper swatches for samples, point of purchase displays, price and marketing signs hanging from baskets, crafting, and more. You can buy plastic oval snap lock binding rings online in either clear or white, both packaged in bags of 100 rings. Bulk binding rings are also available when you call (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 for a quantity discount quote.

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White Plastic Oval Snap Lock Binding Rings (100/Pk) Item#11KI101028
Clear Plastic Oval Snap Lock Binding Rings (100/Pk) Item#11KI101028C
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Plastic Oval Ring FAQs

Q: Do you have larger size rings?
At this time we only offer the one 2" L x 15/16" W" size, however, take a look at our various other binding ring options, which include round plastic rings, overlap plastic rings, metal rings, and more available in a much larger variety of sizes.


Q: Can I get bulk pricing?
Yes! Please call customer service at (866)537-2244 to request a bulk price quote.


Product Description


Plastic oval snap lock binding rings are available in either white or clear, and measure about 2" long and nearly 1" wide (15/16") for the inside diameter*. The unique oval shape means you can place them into a hole that is set deeper into your documents or materials, which can come in handy if you are working with paper, or other fragile items, as it will increase the tear-resistance. The rings open and close along one of the long edges with one side featuring a peg and the other a corresponding hole, which when snapped together, create a secure bind that will stay closed until you re-open it. Made with the same durable plastic as our round plastic snap rings, these oval book rings are affordable, easy to apply, and easy to remove whenever editing is needed, which makes them very popular for retail shop sign display, sample swatch books, crafting and home organization, and much more. Both colors are sold in packs of 100 rings, however, bulk binding rings are also available by special quote; just call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 to request large quantity pricing.


Manufacturer Kinter® [K International, Inc.]
Manufacturer Part Number OVALRING GRP
Quantity 100 Rings
Size 2"
Material Plastic
Binding Ring Type Snap Lock
Ring Shape Oval Ring
Inside Diameter 2" x 15/16"
Outside Diameter 2 ⅜" x 1 ⁵/₁₆"
Material Thickness 3/16"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Expert Product Review: Plastic Oval Binding Rings  by Mallory Morsa
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Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Morsa, and I am the product expert at Binding101. I have been a part of the Binding101 team since 2008, where I started out in service and sales, learning our customers' needs and how to offer truly exceptional service. After a of couple years, I moved into a role of product management that required in-depth product research, as well as training of our staff. And in my honest expert reviews, I am proud to share that extensive knowledge with you. Take a look at the product review below, which will highlight both the pros and the cons, as well as identify the ideal customer. If you have any questions or need more information, please call our customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by, and please check out our Binding101 social media channels by clicking the icons above.


Plastic Oval Binding Ring Expert Review by Mallory Morsa


Our plastic oval binding rings are similar to our round plastic snap lock rings, in that they have a peg-and-hole closure and are made of a semi flexible plastic that does not require a hinge. They offer a bit more capacity, since one direction of the ring is larger, measuring 2” long and just under 1” wide on the inside diameter. Since they are made of plastic, they are best for lightweight materials, such as paper, and are a popular with businesses as a way to hang signs from baskets (to say things like “inbox”, etc) and for retail shops for the same sign display solution.


By now, you may have read my other binding ring reviews (or you can check them out here: loose leaf metal, round plastic snap lock, screw lock metal rings, plastic overlap rings) and honestly, my obsession with binding rings is just as strong with these plastic oval ones. They are fun to use, and can be used for….well, basically anything that your imagination can think of. I even used some in my Halloween costume last year when I was a robot. Far more commonly, though (lol), they are used to hang signs and bind paper. They are a cool solution for machine user manuals, as you can bind the paper and hang the manual by the machine so it is always within reach. And since they are oval shaped, they won’t spin around if you use them to hang a sign on, say, a wire basket. They are flexible so you can move the plastic to close and open the rings easily, without the requirement for a bulky hinge on the opposite end. The peg-in-hole closure will actually snap into place to keep your items secure until you re-open it.

Plastic oval rings only come in one size, so there is not much wiggle room to how much paper they can bind or how they can be used. They also come in white or clear, while our round plastic rings also have a black option; so the colors are a bit limited. And they are not quite as economically priced as the round rings; although, keep in mind that they do offer about double the capacity because of the long end. They are also sold in packs with 100 rings, which is the minimum quantity you can order (which can be more than some customers need). If you need bulk pricing for 1,000 or more rings, though, we can often offer bulk pricing if you call (866)537-2244 for a quote.

Plastic oval rings are awesome, just like our round plastic rings, but offer that extra capacity with the long edge, making them even more versatile. This shape helps keep signage in place, making them a perfect choice for retail stores and businesses, while the lightweight material makes them great for documents that may be handled often or given to traveling sales people.

If plastic rings seem too fragile for your needs, consider our standard metal loose leaf binding rings, which are the most popular rings we offer. As also offer screw lock rings as a durable metal solution. Still not quite sure what you need? Call customer service at (866)537-2244 for some guidance, or to request a sample. You can also request a sample by filling out this sample request form and returning it to us.

User Reviews

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