Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
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Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine

Item #: 04CBCUBE
Brand: Coverbind
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  • System Capacity (Between Dividers): Up to a 5/8" Thick Spine
  • FastStart instant warm-up
  • Speed: 1 Document per Second
  • Approximate Annual Volume: Between 2,000 to 5,000 Documents per Year
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee!
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With the Bindomatic Accel Cube from Coverbind, your corporate office or print shop can produce top-quality finished documents in both hard and soft covers, without any hassle, and faster than any other traditional binding method on the market. In fact, it will produce these premium bound books at speeds up to one per second*, which is 45 times faster than punch and bind methods, and 30 times faster than tape binding machines. With the Accel Cube thermal binding machine, all you have to do is place your document in the size selector, place the pages into the displayed cover size of your choice, and place your covers into the machine. The Accel Cube will automatically run the binding process and notify the user when books are complete. It will run Coverbind thermal binding cover spine sizes from 1/16" to 5/8", and is rivaled only by it's big brother, the Accel Ultra. It features upgrades from previous models that include increased quality, faster binding, a stronger bind, and a sleek machine design. If you're ready to improve your production speed, while eliminating the hassle of punch-and-bind, all while producing the highest quality bound documents, then buy the Coverbind Accel Cube thermal binding machine online today or call (866) 537-2244 for more information.


Item # 04CBCUBE
Manufacturer Coverbind USA
Suggested User Medium Office, Large Office
Binding Style Thermal Binding
Included Supplies & Accessories Power Supply Protect
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Coverbind Thermal Binding Supplies [Sizes 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8"]
Power Voltage 115v Single Phase 50/60Hz
Dimensions 20” W x 19" D x 15” H
Certifications UL
Document Size 8 ½" W x 11" H [Letter Size, Portrait]
System Capacity (Between Dividers)* Up to a 5/8" Thick Spine
Cycle Speed 1 Minute / Binding Cycle*
Speed 60 Documents / Minute*
Warm-Up Time Almost instant with FastStart Technology
Approximate Annual Volume Between 2,000 to 5,000 Documents per Year
Product Weight (lbs) 60
Shipping Weight (lbs) 97
Shipping Information Ships via UPS


If you are tired of spending hours a day with punch and bind systems, or even the "faster" tape binding machines, and you have daily volume document binding needs with up to about 3,000 documents per year, then consider the Coverbind Accel Cube thermal binding machine. This attractive and durable tabletop unit can produce thermal bound documents, including both soft and hard thermal binding covers, at speeds up to 1 per second*... yes, 1 document per second! That converts to 60 documents per minute, and 3,600 per hour for the experienced user*. These speeds are unheard of in the book binding industry, which is just one of the several reasons why the Accel Cube by Coverbind is taking the document binding industry by storm. It was manufactured to look sleek, fitting in well with any office environment, as well as to withstand high volume binding requirements, and to have a small footprint to take up very little space. There is no other thermal binding machine on the market that can compete.

In addition to the premium build, the Accel Cube (sometimes called the Bindomatic Accel Cube) is incredibly simple to use, and features Drop&Go technology, so your operator doesn't have to continuously stand by the machine while it runs. Instead, all they have to do is place their documents into a Coverbind cover, and place the cover spine-down into the machine. The Coverbind Cube thermal binder will automatically move the books through the binding process and notify the operator when the bind is complete. The single-section binder will hold up to a 5/8" thick spine, so you can insert one 5/8" book, or multiple smaller books that equal 5/8", at one time. Once the machine pulls the documents in, you can drop more into the slot to continue the process. Once all your documents are loaded, you can walk away from the machine until it has completed binding. It will chirp and the light on top of the machine will turn red when the exit tray is full and needs to be emptied. If there are still books in the machine when it fills up, it will simply pause the binding process until it is emptied; it will never burn your books.

Accel Cube Instructions:

   ① Turn on the thermal binding machine from the LCD screen. Gather your pages together into a stack and place the stack into the spine size selector on the top of the Accel Cube. The screen will display which size of Coverbind cover you should be using based on the document thickness, eliminating any guesswork. It will bind documents using spine sizes from 1/16" up to 5/8".
   ② Insert your page stack into the cover size recommended, and place the cover into the machine. You can place them one at a time, or in batches with several books. The slot will hold up to a 5/8" thick spine, so you can place as many documents into it at once as will fit into that capacity.
   ③ Drop&Go technology will move the documents through the machine, completing the binding process automatically. This means you don't have to stand around and wait once all documents are loaded into the machine; you can walk away and perform other tasks while it runs. When the process is complete, a light on the screen will turn red, letting your operator know they can remove the books from the exit tray. This light will also turn red when the exit tray is full, and needs to be emptied before the bind can be completed. The entire binding process takes only about 1 minute* per cycle.

Accel Cube Benefits & Features:

   • Fast - The Accel Cube is one of the fastest machines on the market, binding books as fast as 1 per second* for an average output of up to 60 documents per minute. This is about 45 times faster than any other traditional punch and bind binding methods, and 30 times faster than tape binding machines. This incredible speed saves your operators valuable time so that you can meet rush-order requirements without any high production costs. It also allows for the same performance output, even when you are short-staffed.
   • Simple - The Accel Cube is very easy to use -- anyone in your office can operate it, making soft or hard cover books on-demand, and as-needed. Three easy steps will bind perfectly finished documents. There is no complicated or time-consuming punching, paper waste handling or mess, hole alignment, inserting, or closing required. Just place your document pages into a Coverbind cover, place the entire document into the machine, and walk away.
   • Versatile - The Accel Cube is versatile, able to bind covers of many sizes all-together, at once, without any complicated change overs or adjustments. There is a huge selection of Coverbind covers available, that let you choose from our most popular attached covers (linen and clear) or use your own covers. You can even make custom covers for both soft and hard covers books.
   • FastStart Technology - FastStart is Coverbind’s latest innovation helping increase your binding efficiency by drastically decreasing warm-up time. The machine is ready to bind almost instantly so there is no wait.
   • Strong - The glue used on our Coverbind covers is unique to only Coverbind, and features a cotton mesh within the glue strip that is exposed as the glue liquefies, and grabs your pages, pulling them in for a perfectly straight and can't-be-beat strength-of-bind. The glue is also "EVA adhesive", which is the strongest glue on the market for thermal book binding. This means there are virtually no paper stock limitations, so you can bind with coated stocks, textured paper, and even laminated sheets. The glue is also not "poured" and so will never seep out of your documents, providing an even coating on every page, from your first to your last. This creates the most immaculate bind possible.
   • Eco-Friendly - The mesh support mentioned above also means that these covers are 100% recyclable.
   • Small Footprint - The Accel Cube is a compact machine that packs a powerful punch. It measures just 20” W x 19" D x 15” H and weighs about 60 lbs., easily fitting onto most workstations and desks.
   • One of a Kind - Coverbind is the only brand that offers automated thermal binding equipment like the Accel Cube and the Accel Ultra.
   • Perfected Design - The Accel Cube is a 3rd generation Coverbind Bindomatic machine that has been perfected over the years to provide the ultimate binding solution.
   • Attractive - The Accel Cube features an all-black, sleek design that looks expensive, and fits in well with any office or workroom decor. It will impress visitors, and matches the premium product output in design.

Popular Users & Applications:

BusinessesSchools & UniversitiesReal Estate AgenciesPhoto Studios
• Proposals • Yearbooks & textbooks • Proposals • Photo books
• Presentations • Student Publications • Sales Tools • Gallery Highlights
• Quarterly/Annual Reports • Crafts/Gifts for Parents • Home Buyer Gifts • Sales Tools
• Board Meeting Reports • Course Catalogs • Board Meeting Reports • Sponsorship/Donor Requests
• Sales Tools • Orientation Documents • Board Meeting Reports • Art Collections


*May vary depending on number of books, spine size, operator, and other factors.


How to Use the Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine

Transcript: With the Bindomatic Accel Cube, you can bind both soft and hard covers as quickly as 1 book per second. Here’s how it works.

First, insert a set of pages that you wish to bind into the cover size selector on the top of the machine. The Cube will display the best spine size for your document.

Next, place your pages into the Bindomatic cover of your choice, using the indicated spine size, and jog the pages straight.

Now place the documents spine-side down into the binding slot. You can ...
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With the Bindomatic Accel Cube, you can bind both soft and hard covers as quickly as 1 book per second. Here’s how it works.

First, insert a set of pages that you wish to bind into the cover size selector on the top of the machine. The Cube will display the best spine size for your document.

Next, place your pages into the Bindomatic cover of your choice, using the indicated spine size, and jog the pages straight.

Now place the documents spine-side down into the binding slot. You can place one or multiple documents, depending on their thickness. Once inserted, the book moves through the unit, so you can continuously load more documents.

The Drop & Go technology means you can walk away while it binds, leaving you free to perform other work without having to “babysit” the machine. When the bind is finished, the Accel Cube will chirp and the light on top will turn red.

The entire binding process takes only about 60 seconds, and with continuous loading, you can achieve speeds up to 1 document per second.

This sleek black thermal binding machine is the 3rd generation Cube, and has been improved with twice the speed, and a better finished strength-of-bind.

For more information, visit or call the number on your screen.

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Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Coverbind Accel Cube Expert Review  by Mallory Morsa
About Our Expert • Mallory Morsa has worked in several different departments in her 10+ years at Binding101. Beginning in customer service and sales, she honed in her skills to provide the customer with professional, fast, and accurate information. Shortly after, she was promoted to sales supervisor and product expert, gaining hands-on and in-depth product research as well as training the team on new products. She now holds the position of content specialist, taking her extensive knowledge of our products and putting it on the web for you to access at any time. In her expert reviews, she outlines the good and the bad of products that she has handled herself, and uses her experience to identify the ideal users. If you have any questions or need more information about this product, please call our trained customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by!
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Coverbind Accel Cube 5-Star Expert Review


The Accel Cube from Coverbind and Binding101 is the perfect mid-level thermal binding machine for users who bind as often as daily, or as in-frequently as weekly, but in larger quantities. Basically, anyone who binds between about 2,000 to 5,000 documents per year (or less than 500 per month). Consider the Flex for less than that, or the Ultra for more. This powerful little machine may look like a box, but it can help drastically (and I mean drastically) increase production speed, quality, ease-of-use, and strength. Anyone who wants that --plus an enhanced look by using wrap-around soft and hard covers—will benefit from this thermal binder. Some of the popular customers include schools (yearbooks, publications, gifts for parents, course catalogs), businesses (proposals, presentations, annual reports, board meeting tools), real estate agencies (proposals, sales tools, home buyer gifts), and photography studios (photo books, gallery highlights, sponsorship/donor requests), and so many more.

I like everything about this machine; truly! That may seem like too-high praise, but let me explain why this unit deserves a 5-star rating. The Accel Cube is one of the first ever automated thermal binding machines on the market. Along with its big sister the Ultra, the Cube is the only binder out there that offers automatic features to increase the speed and allow you to actually walk away as it does the work for you. It is actually rated at about 45x faster than traditional methods; so in the time it takes to make 1 wire bound book, you can make up to 45 books with the Cube.

But unlike other types of automated machines, this unit doesn’t need special training or knowledge; it is easy enough for truly anyone in your office. The kids can even bind books on “take your children to work” day. You just place your pages into a cover, drop the cover into the machine, and walk away; it moves your books through the binding process and allows for continuous loading for larger jobs. It is so affordable to run, you can use it to just make a couple of books, as well as for your large batches.

Its ability to work with the full range of Coverbind covers means you can make soft covers with a clear front, soft covers with a window linen front, hard covers, and hard covers with a window – this versatility is a major benefit over traditional machines that only let you produce one look. It lets you make premium hard covers for your VIP clients, and keep to the more simple, soft cover look for internal documents. There are even customizable covers that you can print on-demand in your office. This machine will not only impress your staff using it, but also the people that you present the documents to, whether they be investors, customers, or anyone in between.

The Cube as one limitation to consider; it can bind only up to a 5/8” thick cover. That means a document that is up to about 150 sheets (or 300 pages, printed front and back). For some proposals, this may not work, but for the majority, it is suitable.

Aside from that, the only thing you should really consider before investing in the Accel Cube is the price. There might be initial sticker shock for smaller offices when compared to traditional punch-and-binds, however, you need to look at the overall value of the machine, not just the price. If you shop only by price, you will end up with a machine difficult to use, time consuming, and something that makes your users say “ugh” whenever they have to bind. That is never something you have to worry about with the Cube. All of the benefits above counter-act the higher price. The speed alone is one thing, but with the added free time you have as the machine binds by itself, it will actually save you money in labor costs and productivity.

I think it is pretty clear that I love the Accel Cube binder machine. This small, unimposing block packs a powerful punch, drastically increasing production speed and efficiency. It is so easy to use, that literally anyone can do it. No more labor fatigue with punch, punch, punch, insert, bind… just drop and go! I hope this isn’t starting to sound like overkill—as if it is too good to be true— but I really can’t get enough of the Coverbind Cube. I don’t know why every office doesn’t have one. Especially at the incredibly fair price point and high value that it brings.

Frequent Asked Questions

Will it bind glossy stocks?
Asked by Customer

Yes! The unique EVA glue is the strongest in the industry, and is reinforced with a cotton mesh that creates an even bind from the first page to the last. Customers can bind even thick/heavy books, and dangle the book from a couple pages....the pages will tear before they fall out of the spine. This means that there are virtually no paper stock limitations, so you can easily bind with glossy stocks, coated papers, textured sheets, and even laminated pages.

Answer by Binding101
What happens if the exit tray is full and there are still documents inside the machine to be bound?
Asked by Customer

When the exit bin is full, the Accel Cube will automatically pause the binding process until emptied. This means there is zero possibility of your documents or glue ever burning.

Answer by Binding101
What kind of maintenance is required?
Asked by Customer

There is no maintenance required for the Accel Cube thermal binding machine. It is a plug-and-play unit that is incredibly durable. 99.9% of the rare "error" on this unit are due to operator error from either placing the cover in with the paper side down (instead of the spine), or pulling out bound documents too roughly, causing damage to the separators. When an error occurs, we can almost always walk you through the repair process over the phone. We also offer on-site service, as needed, for an additional cost.

Answer by Binding101
How does the Cube compare to the Coverbind 7000?
Asked by Customer

The Accel Cube is actually an upgraded version of the Coverbind 7000, so they are the same in function, with a new, upgraded look.

Answer by Binding101
Does it need a dedicated outlet?
Asked by Customer

The Accel Cube uses a standard 110V outlet, and includes a power supply to help protect the machine from any possible down time. While it does not require a dedicated outlet for the machine only, you will want to consider that this machine uses heat and, therefore, it may be best to only pair it with low power units.

Answer by Binding101

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