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Coverbind® Hardcover On-Demand (Price per Box)

Item #: 08CBHCOD-CFG

Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand
Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand Cover Colors
Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand
Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand
Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand
Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand Close-Up

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Qty/Pack : Varies by Size

Packaged Quantities

Size Sheet Capacity* Qty / Box
1/8" 15 - 30 Sheets 13 / Box
1/4" 30 - 60 Sheets 11 / Box
3/8" 60 - 90 Sheets 9 / Box
1/2" 90 - 120 Sheets 8 / Box
3/4" 150 - 180 Sheets 9 / Box
1" 180 - 240 Sheets 4 / Box


On-Demand hardcovers by Coverbind® let you customize hard cover presentations with any printer* that can handle label stock. Just design your cover on a 5 ⁷/₁₆" x 7 ¹/₄" H template using the program of your choice, print the design on the included cover labels, and place the labels into the covers. There is a debossed area on the cover that helps assist with perfect alignment of your label, as well as provide a professional finished look. The covers are made of a premium textured linen wrapped around a 1/10" thick board, and are available in black or navy blue colors. The inside liner is a matching black or navy matte that pairs well, for a clean finish. The spines come in sizes from 1/8" up to 1" to hold documents up to 240 sheets*, and are pre-applied with the unique Coverbind® EVA glue and cotton-mesh gripper that creates the strongest bind on the industry. They are compatible with all of the Coverbind® thermal binding machines, and give your business the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind hard cover presentations, memory books, real estate promotions, and more. The quantity per box will depend on the spine size you choose, so pick a color and size below to see pricing and packaged quantities, and to buy Coverbind® Hardcover On-Demand covers online today.





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