Top 10 Machines of 2019

November 18, 2019

Binding101 Top 10 Machines of 2019

We've compiled a list of the Binding101 most popular machines of 2019, across all categories. This selection of machines have high reviews from clients, filling a specific need for each user. Whether for binding, laminating, paper handling, or print finishing of any kind, these pieces of equipment are top-sellers and sure to improve your workflow and efficiency. Improve the finished look of your presentations, protect your documents from heavy handling, and increase productivity for your office with these high-value machines of all kinds.

  1. Cardmate (Business Card Cutter) - The CardMate business card cutter offers the perfect solution for small home businesses and small offices that want to be able to make their own business cards, on demand. This economical business card cutter is so low-cost, that it will pay for itself after just the first couple of uses. 10-up card slitter makes ten perfectly finished standard 2 ½" x 3" size business cards from one sheet of paper.
  2. System 3000 (Coil Binding Machine) - The Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000 is the world's very first desktop coil binding machine that combines all three steps of binding --including electric punching, coil insertion and coil crimping-- into one compact and modernly designed machine that is the perfect choice for nearly any office with a medium volume binding requirement. The intuitive controls make the 3000 binding machine extremely user-friendly, and the perfect solution for creating professional bound books.
  3. 525M (5-Hole Medical Punch) - The 525M is the perfect machine for all other medical offices including nurse's stations, hospital administration offices and any other medical location that uses 5-hole punching for their paperwork filing. Each punching head is individually adjustable, so you can remove or add up to 7 total, creating custom hole spacing as close together as about 1"; this means with one versatile hole punch you can 3-hole punch for letter size binders, half size binders, 2-hole punch for top-bound papers, and anything in-between.
  4. CSTEP-2 (Grommet Press) - The CSTEP-2 tabletop grommet press is comparable to the popular Stimpson 405, with the same capabilities and size, with high quality components, at a more affordable price upfront and in the consumables. Perfect for low volume grommeting for small offices or print shops, or even at-home users, the unique handle shape offers comfort and requires less force from the operator, while the soft handle is comfortable to use. A deep 4 ¼" throat depth allows for more flexibility when it comes to how deep to set the grommet in your material. Pair with any grommet die up to #5.5 (11/16") and start setting grommets into banners, fabrics, and more when you buy the CSTEP-2.
  5. HT-400 (Heat Press) - The HIX HT-400 Clamshell Press machine sets the standard in the manual heat press industry because of its ruggedness, durability, and years of trouble free performance. The HT-400 has 15" x 15" heat platen that can apply all types of transfers on items up to 1" thick. The new and improved touch screen offers pre-set temperature and time combinations that can be easily programmed, as well as displays the current pressure, which is adjustable with the black dial on the ace of the heat press.
  6. Coilmac-M (Coil Binding Machine) - The CoilMac-M by Akiles is one of the most popular manual spiral binding machines in the world. It is more durable than many other machines in the same price range, and offers the perfect blend of features that make it versatile and cost-effective. The five disengageable punching pins allow for more versatility of paper size, as you can stop the machine from punching a specific hole for perfect alignment.
  7. CoilMac-M Plus (Coil Binding Machine) - An upgraded version of the extremely popular CoilMac-M, the CoilMac-M Plus offers added efficiency and high-quality features that make it a step above the rest. Oval holes make for easy coil inserting, and 100% disengageable pins (53 total) mean you can use completely custom sheet sizes without worrying with half hole punches. Hole depth adjustment and side margins help you place the holes exactly how you want them. Perfect for small offices that need added versatility over a basic coil machine.
  8. CR50B (Corner Rounder) - The CR-50B corner rounding machine is a top choice for offices and print shops that need the versatility to be able to cut paper and plastic materials in larger size sheets. The large 9" x 10" table offers more stability for larger sheet materials, and is made of wood with a metal base and handle, for durability and stability. This corner cutter slides easily through paper and plastics up to 1/2" thick with a simple press of the handle, providing a clean, rounded finish. One free die in your choice of size is included with purchase.
  9. Wiremac-M (Wire Binding Machine) - Built specifically for low to medium volume users, Akiles manufactured this machine with one main goal in mind: to meet the demands of medium sized offices with daily to weekly book binding needs. The Akiles WireMac-M 3:1 pitch machine handles Wire-O sizes from 1/4" to 9/16". This manual binding machine punches three holes per inch. Both models have an array of features that make punching and binding wire spines simple, fast and effective with a professional finish, including adjustment opportunities for precise punching and finishing, a wire hanger for easy paper inserting, and guides to assist in the proper wire size selection for your particular applications.
  10. Paddy Wagon (Padding Press) - The Challenge Paddy Wagon is one of the most well-know padding machines on the market for businesses and print shops that need to create a large number of paper pads, frequently. This high-capacity padder works with paper stacks as thick as 31" and as wide as 23 ½", so you can make extra large pads of paper in bulk. The swing-out back plate and overall patented design eliminates the typical mess associated with pad production, so there are no drips or spills to clean up off your floor or work space. Handy shelving below the padding vice make for convenient storage of padding supplies, and double as a drip-catcher for excess padding glue.

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