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CardMate Manual Business Card Cutter

Item #: 04CARDMATE

The CardMate business card cutter offers the perfect solution for small home businesses and small offices that want to be able to make their own business cards, on demand. This economical business card cutter is so low-cost, that it will pay for itself after just the first couple of uses. To use this simple business card slitter, just place a single sheet of pre-printed 8 ½" x 11" paper  (choose a 10-up, no bleed, business card template in your preferred software) into the rear slot of the machine, use the self-centering guides to ensure it is straight, and turn the crank on the right side of the unit. You now have two, 3 ½" x 11" sheets with 5 business card designs on each. One at a time, take these sheets and place them into the front slot of the unit, centering the guides and turning the crank again. Now you have ten perfectly finished standard 2 ½" x 3" size business cards. You will notice that the machine cuts off the top and bottom margins of your sheet, but that the business cards are separated with just one slit. This means this is a traditional business card cutter that is not preferred for full-bleed card designs (where ink runs to the edge of your card without an un-printed border). The CardMate works well with standard papers, including bond, cover, index and card stock styles up to 110# thick. In general, if the sheet can run through a desktop printer, it will run through the CardMate. Buy the CardMate manual business card cutter online, and start optimizing the benefit of employees being able to print and cut their own business cards for short-run production, whenever they need.


Product Description


Over 400 million laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers have been waiting for this! Turn your desk top printer into an instant business card maker. Stop paying to get your business cards produced on the outside. This Low cost and easy to use machine will pay for itself in one project. The Manual Cardmate Business Card Cutter has the capability to do up to 60 business cards in just 1 minute. The Cardmate cuts business cards the in the standard 10-up template and the standard business card size of 2" x 3-1/2". The Cardmate is lightweight, economical, and safe for all ages. This Manual Business Card Cutter requires no power, and is operated using a hand crank.


Manufacturer Buy101
Manufacturer Part Number 04CARDMATE
Operation Manual
Operating Method Manual [Hand Crank]
Speed Up to 60 Cards / Minute
Dimensions 17" W x 11" D x 9" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Limited
Can Cut Materials Paper [Maximum of 110# Card Stock]
Sheet Size Letter Size [8 ½" x 11"]
Capacity 1 Sheet
Cut Format 10-Up [10 Cards per Sheet]
Gutter Cut [For Full-Bleed Cards] No
Finished Card Size 2" x 3 ½" [Standard Business Card]
Shipping Weight (lbs) 8

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