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HIX® HT-400 Clamshell Press

Item #: 04HIXHT400P

The HIX® HT-400 Clamshell Press machine sets the standard in the manual heat press industry because of its ruggedness, durability, and years of trouble free performance. The HT-400 has 15" x 15" heat platen that can apply all types of transfers on items up to 1" thick. The new and improved touch screen offers pre-set temperature and time combinations that can be easily programmed, as well as displays the current pressure, which is adjustable with the black dial on the ace of the heat press.

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Product Description


The graphics industry calls this machine “The Workhorse” for good reason – the HIX HT-400 Clamshell Press is rugged, durable, and made to perform. A must-have for any serious start-up business, the HIX HT-400 has earned respect for its numerous capabilities and reliability. With over 100,000 units sold throughout the world, this machine is regarded as an industry standard. Many customers have used this heat press for over 30 years of worry-free service. If you’re looking for high production capabilities, this is the heat press you need.

The secret to our success is in the casting. Every heat casting at HIX is manufactured in a permanent steel cavity mold using a HIX-exclusive aluminum alloy for maximum heat transfer. The HT-400 has a 15″ x 15″ heat platen that can apply all types of transfers on items up to 1″ thick. The floating lower platen helps provide even pressure on thicker items, no matter where it’s applied. HIX presses provide completely even pressure from edge to edge, even at high temps.

The HT-400 features a touch-screen controller that is adjustable up to 999 seconds, shows time countdown on readout, beeps after elapsed time, and resets when the handle is raised. The calibrated digital temperature control is adjustable up to 450°F (232°C) and displays the current temperature.

The easy-to-use open-and-close handle has spring assist and a full range pressure adjustment, provides even pressure on thicker items, and adds 20% more pressure over straight handle designs.

The HT-400 is ETL certified. It has a limited 1-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.



  • Easy integrated digital time and temperature settings – Touch-screen controller allows simple dialing in of time and temperature.
  • From the touch-screen controller, preset selections of temperature-time combinations can be easily programmed into the machine.
  • The current pressure is displayed on the touch-screen display each time the press closes. The pressure is easily changed with the black pressure dial on the face of the control housing (clockwise for more, counter-clockwise for less). There are nine settings: 0-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium, and 7-9 for heavy. This is a great feature if you need to press a lot of different thicknesses.
  • Tilting (floating) lower platen – The bottom platen tilts up toward the upper platen as the heat press closes. This equalizes pressure even when pressing thick items, like a quarter-inch thick 8×10” ceramic tile.
  • Top Pressure Plate – The handle attaches to a 4″x5″ pressure plate on the top platen instead of a single screw going into the top platen. This provides more even pressure on the outside edges of the press (think of it as pushing down with your entire hand, versus just your thumb).
  • Certified electrically safe (ETL) – The “Electrical Testing Laboratory” seal means HIX presses have passed a rigid and very demanding independent testing process, and have been certified electrically safe.
  • 100% Made in the USA – HIX has its own 110,000 sq ft manufacturing facility with its very own fully integrated aluminum foundry, CNC mill operation, welding, metal forming, wiring, fabrication, assembly, and packaging departments.
  • A one-year general warranty and lifetime warranty on the heater element.


Item # 04HIXHT400P
Manufacturer HIX Corporation
Model HT400P
Operating Method Manual
Compatible Supplies HIX Pad Protector
HIX Shirt Splitter Stand
HIX 4-Way Specialty Replacement Platen
Power Voltage 120 V
Certifications CE, ETL, UL, CSA
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year (Parts), Lifetime (Heating Element)
Quantity 1
Heat Press Type Clamshell Press
Platen Size 15" x 15"
Adjustable Pressure Full Range Pressure Adjustment with Digital readout (0-9)
Heat Press Capacity Up to 1" Thick
Temp Control Adjustable to 450°F (232°C)
Temperature Read Accuracy Displays Current Temperature
Heat Press Timer Digital Timer (Adjustable up to 99 Minutes, 59 Seconds)
Product Weight (lbs) 72
Shipping Weight (lbs) 84
Shipping Information Shipping Dimensions: 33" x 21" x 23"

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