Pressroom Washes & Cleaning Supplies

Clean up after working in the printing or pressroom can be quite a mess to deal with. But with our variety of washes and cleaning supplies, we take the hassle out of the process. We offer everything from strong hand cleaners that are gentle on your skin, but harsh on ink, as well as plate washes, clean up cloths in different materials, and gloves. With cleaning supplies from Binding101, you can quickly and easily clean up after a hard day's work.

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Washes & Cleaning Supplies

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  1. Sprayway Formula 40 Glass Cleaner for the Graphic Arts Industry [15 oz.]

    • Leaves no film or residue
    • Contains no ammonia
    • Cleans in seconds
    • Color: Colorless
  2. Goose Neck Wash-Up Bottles

    • Safe and convenient way to store and dispense small quantities of liquid at the work site.
    • Feature an ascending and descending scale for tracking solvent usage, as well as an HMIS label block and space to identify the contents.
    • Color: Clear
    • Quantity: 16 ounce or 32 ounce
    • Free Shipping $75+
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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    Goose Neck Wash-Up Bottle [16 oz.] Item#05LITWUB16 05LITWUB16
    Goose Neck Wash-Up Bottle [32 oz.] Item#05LITWUB32 05LITWUB32
  3. 18" x 36" Lithco Tack Cloth (10 Pack)

    • Eliminates paper dust from freshly trimmed lifts of paper, making it the perfect cleaning accessory for print and finish shops.
    • Can be used to wipe the edges on freshly trimmed paper, cleaning them and prepping them for finishing and sale.
    • Help erase hickies in printing, as well as air bubbles in laminating.
    • Measures 18" x 36" with 10 clothes per box.
  4. Burnishine Plate Sav-Ur Alkiline Plate Cleaner, Conditioner, & Scratch Remover for Traditional Analog Metal Plates (3 Sizes)

    • One-step plate cleaner, conditioner, and scratch remover that works well for the large majority of metal plates.
    • Odor: Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: > 200
    • Freeze Point: 20
    • Free Shipping $75+
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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Pint] Item#26PTZPSP 26PTZPSP
    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Quart] Item#26PTZPSQ 26PTZPSQ
    Burnishine® Plate Sav-Ur® [1 Gallon] Item#26PTZPSG 26PTZPSG
  5. Lithco Pumice Powder Grade FFF Cleaner [1 lb.]

    • Grade FFF deglaze powder that will remove even the toughest glaze from blankets and rollers when combined with a soft cloth that is saturated with Lithco Deglazer.
    • Works fast, and effectively eliminates glaze for the best cleaning results.
    • Recommended for polishing plates after deleting images with Lithco "Scotch" hones.
    • Non-hazardous and sold in 1 lb. container.
  6. 12.5 oz. Sprayway #203 Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvinator

    • Most popular brand of graphic arts aerosols.
    • Specially formulated for prepress, press room and bindery environments.
    • Feature environmentally safe propellants with no ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons.
    • Used to clean and deglaze rubber blankets, rubber rollers, and other rubber materials.
  7. Burnishine® Plate Care™ Preserver, Finisher, & Cleaner [Quart]

    • Compatible Plate: Universal, Metal
    • Odor: Slight Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: 212
    • VOC Content: 1.49 lbs/gal [179 g/l]
  8. Rubber Roller Cleaner 16 Oz . Squeeze Bottle for Paper Folders and Bursters

    • 16oz Rubber Roller Cleaner Squeeze Bottle
    • Eliminates roller glaze
    • Cleans rollers for better performance and longer life
    • Quantity : 1 Bottle


  9. Burnishine® Putz Pomade® Liquidflow Blanket & Roller Cleaner

    • Product Type: Blanket Cleaner
    • Size: 15 oz.
    • Quantity: 1 Tube
    • Part Number: LIQ13 / LIQ15
  10. Burnishine Aqua Blue Metal Plate Acidic Cleaner/Conditioner/Scratch Remover

    • Quickly removes ink - including UV - scum, light scratches, gum, and oxidation.
    • Makes plates more ink receptive and desensitizes plates for longer, higher quality runs.
    • Excellent for "on-the-fly" cleaning.
    • Quantity: 1 Quart (945 ml)


  11. Burnishine® Clear Gel® Roller & Blanket Cleaner

    • Perfect solution for printers and press workers who prefer a non-abrasive cleaning method.
    • Ideal for quick color changes, smoothly and speedily, including difficult ones such as from black to yellow.
    • Size: 32 oz.
    • Quantity: 1 Container
  12. Really Works® Waterless Hand Cleaner with Pumice for Print Shops & Press Rooms

    • Specially formulated with the printer in mind
    • Superior hand cleaner that "really works"
    • Remove almost any substance from your skin
    • Equally effective with or without water rinse and leaves your hands smooth as if you applied lotion
    • Free Shipping $75+
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  13. KrossTex Heavy Duty Shop Towels (Price per Case)

    • Featuring a cross-lapping process and 3D texture that gives unmatched strength and durability for the utmost scrubbing and cleaning power.
    • Color: Light Blue / White
    • Material: 0.75mm thick (29.5mil) Rayon / Polyester
    • Size: 12.5" x 13.75", 12.5" x 17", 17" x 18.5" or 12.2" x 15.3"
    • Free Shipping $75+
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  14. Nubtex® Shop Cloths

    • New approach to pressroom cleaning.
    • Combine the feel and durability of cloth towels with the ease and convenience of disposable wipes.
    • Size: 12" x 17" , 13" x 13", 13" x 17", 16" x 17" or 12 3/16" x 15 3/4"
    • Quantity: 25 Wipes/Bundle, 15 Bundle/Case
  15. Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad (2 Sizes)

    • Effectively traps and removes dust, lint, and dirt from vacuum frames, contact boards, film, plates, proofs, inkjet prints, camera backs, and more.
    • Used for a variety of applications, including before laminating to ensure a perfect bond, in sign making to clean surfaces before applying lettering or screening, and more.
    • Made with a proprietary elastomer roller that will not scratch any substrate.
    • Features a ball-burnished aluminum frame and a rubber handle for a comfortable and firm grip.
    • Free Shipping $75+
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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    6" Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad Item#26MISPCR6 26MISPCR6
    12" Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad Item#26MISPCR12 26MISPCR12
  16. Webril® Wipes & Pads

    • Product Type: Cloths & Wipes
    • Made of a unique, high quality material manufactured for the graphics industry.
    • Highly absorbent, made with 100% pure cotton without fillers, binders, or chemicals.
    • Color: White
    • Free Shipping $75+
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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    Webril® 8" x 8" Wipes [100 wipes/roll, 8 rolls/case] Item#05LIKENWEB88 05LIKENWEB88
    Webril® 4" x 4" Handi- Pads [100/box - 20 box/case] Item#05LIKENWEBB44 05LIKENWEBB44

17 Items

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