KrossTex Heavy Duty Shop Towels (Price per Case)
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KrossTex Heavy Duty Shop Towels (Price per Case)

  • Featuring a cross-lapping process and 3D texture that gives unmatched strength and durability for the utmost scrubbing and cleaning power.
  • Color: Light Blue / White
  • Material: 0.75mm thick (29.5mil) Rayon / Polyester
  • Size: 12.5" x 13.75", 12.5" x 17", 17" x 18.5" or 12.2" x 15.3"
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KrossTex™ heavy duty shop towels are the best shop rags on the market! They are stronger, thicker, extra absorbent, low-lint, and more durable than the alternatives. A unique three-dimensional cross-lapping pattern on a 0.75mm thick rayon/polyester blend fabric creates exceptional strength and durability for more scrubbing power. KrossTex wipes are 20% more absorbent than other brands and the low-lint material means you can use them on even critical or delicate applications without leaving residue.
These KrossTex extra thick fabric towels are a must-have for all shop cleaning needs. They are specifically designed to help remove contaminants from all surfaces, including ink build-up and feedback on your dampening system. They will improve your ink:water balance, reduce make-ready times, and reduce paper waste. Choose from pre-cut towels in a bundle and several different sizes, or in roll form. Sold in case quantities.


Item # 26MISKTGA
Manufacturer KrossTex
Manufacturer Part Number MIS KTGA
Color Light Blue / White
Material 0.75mm thick (29.5mil) Rayon / Polyester


If you're shop needs heavy duty cleaning wipes and is tired of dealing with rental rags or sub-par quality disposable wipes, then these KrossTex shop towels are the perfect alternative. They are stronger than other brands out there, featuring a cross-lapping process and 3D texture that gives unmatched strength and durability for the utmost scrubbing and cleaning power. The extra thick 29.5mil rayon/polyester fabric with textured design makes them more resistant to tearing and offers more lengthy performance. KrossTex heavy duty shop cloths are also more absorbent than the alternatives, offering 20% more absorption, on average. The low-lint fabric makes them safe to use on even your more sensitive or fragile items, while the large surface area helps to hold and trap debris, easily and quickly removing ink and other contaminants.

Unlike shop rags from rental companies, KrossTex heavy duty shop towels are completely free from leftover chemical solutions and debris, ensuring that no foreign items are added to your materials when you are cleaning. Disposable shop towels from KrossTex provide your worker with more safety from possible contamination that come from "clean" cloths from the launderer, which often contain residual substances.

KrossTex Shop Towel Features:

  1. Strength - Cross-lapping process creates exceptional cross-directional strength and durability
  2. Power - Three dimensional textured fabric for unmatched scrubbing power
  3. Thickness - Extra thick fabric for shop rag feel and performance
  4. Absorbency - On average, 20% more absorbent than other brands
  5. Safe - Safer for your staff, disposable towels eliminate any possibility of foreign contaminates from launder services
  6. Low-Lint - Safe for use on delicate/critical applications
  7. Effective - Larger surface area holds and traps debris better

KrossTex Shop Towel Sizes:

In this chart you can see the sizes of KrossTex heavy duty shop towels available, and the packaging for each. We sell full case quantities of shop rags only. Need to order 10 or more cases? Call us at (866) 537-2244 to see if your order qualifies for a bulk discount.

SizeStyleQty/CaseItem No.
12.5" x 13.75" Bundle
(Quarter Fold)
375 Total Towels
(25 Towels / Bundle, 15 Bundles / Case)
12.5" x 17" 26MISKTGA028
17" x 18.5" 26MISKTGA027
12.2" x 15.3" Roll
(Jumbo Roll)
800 Total
(400 Towels / Roll, 2 Rolls / Case)

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