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Really Works® Hand Cleaner


Really Works® Hand Cleaner - GraphicSupplies101

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4 ½ lb. Really Works® Dispenser (each) Item#26LIVIN2245412
16 oz. Really Works® Hand Cleaner [Pumice] (12/Case) Item#05LIVIN13016
4 ½ lb. Really Works® Hand Cleaner [Pumice] (6/Case) Item#05LIVIN130
4 ½ lb. Really Works® Hand Cleaner [Regular] (6/Case) Item#26LIVIN131412


Really Works® Printer & Pressman Hand Cleaner has been specially formulated with the printer in mind. Vin-Dotco Really Works® is a superior hand cleaner that "really works!" It is extremely effective, yet still leaves your hands feeling clean and soft. Really Works® has been called the best hand cleaner because it will remove almost any substance from your skin. Really Works® Hand Cleaner is equally effective with or without water rinse and leaves your hands smooth as if you applied lotion. Imagine using a hand cleaner that is mild enough to soften your hands so they won't crack, but tough enough to remove products like grease, oil paints, urithanes, epoxy, inks, rubber, odors, and a variety of other uses. 100% Environmentally safe, Really Works® Cleaner is non toxic with absolutely no petroleum. This is the best product you have ever used. Hand Cleaner is citrus scented and available with Pumice(Micro Grit)or Non-Abrasive(Grit Free).