Press Plate Cleaners & Supplies

At Binding101 we offer a variety of plate punch machines and plate punching supplies to keep your punches working at peak performance. With our quality plate punching line, you can achieve perfectly punched plates for all of your printing and graphic needs.

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Press Plate Cleaners & Supplies

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  1. Burnishine Plate Sav-Ur Alkiline Plate Cleaner, Conditioner, & Scratch Remover for Traditional Analog Metal Plates (3 Sizes)

    • One-step plate cleaner, conditioner, and scratch remover that works well for the large majority of metal plates.
    • Odor: Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: > 200
    • Freeze Point: 20
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  2. Burnishine® Plate Care™ Preserver, Finisher, & Cleaner [Quart]

    • Compatible Plate: Universal, Metal
    • Odor: Slight Chemical Odor
    • Boiling Point: 212
    • VOC Content: 1.49 lbs/gal [179 g/l]


  3. Agfa Plate Developing Pad

    • Extremely efficient tool to be used for hand developing plates.
    • Help you keep potentially harmful chemicals from contacting the skin.
    • Feature a soft, napped surface that will not scratch plates and can be washed when dirty.
    • Quantity: 1


  4. PlateStrips® Disposable Plate Enhancement Strips

    • Use on paper or polyester Silvermaster, laser or electrostatic plates
    • Easy to use peel off the protective backing, adhere to lead edge of the plate and punch
    • Special adhesive resists fountain solutions and press solvents
    • Eliminate tearing and stretching of pinbar holes
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    PlateStrips® (25 Pack) Item#05LITMISPS2505LITMISPS25
    PlateStrips® (100 Pack) Item#05LITMISPS10005LITMISPS100
  5. Burnishine Aqua Blue Metal Plate Acidic Cleaner/Conditioner/Scratch Remover

    • Quickly removes ink - including UV - scum, light scratches, gum, and oxidation.
    • Makes plates more ink receptive and desensitizes plates for longer, higher quality runs.
    • Excellent for "on-the-fly" cleaning.
    • Quantity: 1 Quart (945 ml)


5 Items

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