Opaque Pens & Brushes

An opaque marker is a specialty screen printing pen that contains dark, opaque ink that absorbs UV light, preventing exposure from a negative image. They are available in several different brands, (including Correct-A-Neg, Kimoto, and Zig) and are popular in black and red inks. Opaque pens also come in "brush" styles, for a more paint-like application, as well as different tip widths for extra fine or more broad application needs. Opaque markers and opaque brushes are often used for re-touching film negatives and press plates to repair flaws, and cover parts of the plate or film that should not be seen on the transferred print itself. Opaque ink will not crack or peel after drying, offering the perfect way to repair your printing plates or film. Choose from a variety of opaque film pens, markers, and brushes below, or call us at (866) 537-2244 if can't find what you need.

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Opaque Pens & Brushes

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  1. Zig Opaque Pens

    • Provide complete coverage, no retouching and no retracing.
    • Opaque ink flows smoothly without spreading or blurring.
    • It will not crack or peel, and dries almost instantly.
    • Tip Style: Broad/Wedge

    Starting at: $9.39

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  2. Correct-A-Neg™ Opaque Pens

    • Waterproof, smudge-proof and light-proof
    • Feature a special formulation of UV absorbers that thoroughly block all light waves to prevent exposure.
    • Style: Fine Point
    • Quantity: 1 Pen

    Starting at: $6.50

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  3. Kimoto Opaque Markers

    • Fast drying and waterproof.
    • High density assures complete light blockage.
    • Perfect for precision writing with its tiny, 0.1mm point tip.
    • Color: Sepia or Black

    Starting at: $32.99

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  4. Red Sable Opaquing Brushes

    • Hand-crafted in a traditional, full-bodied head shape, using only the finest bristles.
    • Balanced, hardwood handles fit comfortably in your hand.
    • Chrome-plated ferrules are attached to the handles by both gluing and crimping.
    • Tip Style: Brush Tip

    Starting at: $7.19

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  5. Mark-Tex Opaque Pen

    • Employs patented valve-activated ink-feed
    • Ink dries in less than a minute
    • Lightweight plastic bodies
    • Opaque solvent pen available


5 Items

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