Bone Folders (Multiple Sizes Available)
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Bone Folders (Multiple Sizes Available)

Brand: Lithco
  • Choose from 3 lengths: 6", 8", or 9"
  • Choose from rounded or pointed edges
  • Makes for easy, handheld score lines to crease pages for folding
  • Works great for thick paper stocks

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A bone folder tool is used as an accessory for hand-folding and scoring/creasing paper and cover stock materials. It is a handy way to make a straight dent (called a crease, or a score line) along a sheet, making folding thick stock easier. As an alternative to creasing and scoring machines, these bone folding tools are also a great tool for making your own pads of paper, and so much more. Folding bones are made of genuine bleached bone, but never from endangered species' or ivory. You can buy bone folders online in a variety of sizes and shapes, including either 8" or 9" lengths and with either rounded or pointed edges.


Manufacturer Part Number05LITFBONEGRP
Quantity1/ Box
Crease/Perf/Score TypeCreasing, Scoring
Shipping Weight (lbs)1


These bone folders are made of genuine bone* that is bleached and smoothed to create a soft, but durable tool for creasing and scoring paper. Folding bones are available in several different lengths including 6", 8" or 9", as well as different styles including either a rounded both side style, or a rounded one side and pointed one side style. The pointed end is preferred by some customers as it allows for a sharper, more precise point that comes in handy when working with tough paper stocks. The rounded end is preferred by others because it is softer, so less likely to cause damage to delicate paper stocks. Perfect for hand folding as an alternative to creasing and scoring machines, buy bone folders online for a precise solution.

*Although made from real bone, bone folders are never made using endangered species bone or ivory.

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