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Filmoplast® P-90 Plus Document Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

Item #: 06BR55216001

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Filmoplast® document repair tape is extremely popular for libraries, whether city or university libraries, as a way to cleanly and durably repair torn book pages. This tape is durable, but flexible, and finishes extremely clear for easy legibility of any text or images that were torn. Easy to apply, just peel off the adhesive release liner and apply the tape to the tear, then use a bone folder to secure the tape down. Library service and repair experts recommend placing the tape on each side of the tear, rather than folding it over the edge, then using a precision blade to cut off the excess. This method will create the cleanest, and least-noticeable finish. Filmoplast® P-90 plus tape features a high tensile strength and high resistance to aging, so will hold for years to come with a strong hold. The initial adhesive strength will increase with time as it sets. It is manufactured of a specialty tissue tape that features an archival-safe, 7.5 rated pH neutral adhesive. The specialty paper features no wood, and is acid-free. It is also non-aging and non-yellowing, and removable with carefully applied water or acetone. The P-90 Plus is an upgraded version of the Filmoplast® P and Filmoplast® P-90 that has been refined for fine-art and premium book repair. Buy Filmoplast® P-90 Plus document repair tape online. It is sold in a 1 inch x 98 feet roll, installed into a convenient dispenser box. Many specialists choose to cut the strips even thinner for a size that more closely matches the tear size, conserving product while creating the least noticeable repair. The best way to repair torn pages in books with with archival safe pH neutral tissue tape.

Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

Product Description

Filmoplast® P-90 Plus Document Repair Tape is a refined version of the Filmoplast® P-90 for fine-art hinging. It is non-aging and non-yellowing pH neutral (approximately 7.5 pH rating). The permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive will create a strong hold. Filmoplast® Book Repair Tape has high tensile strength and a high resistance to aging. Made of white, wood-free, special paper that is acid free. Initial adhesive strength will increase after bonding. Removable with water or acetone.


Item # 06BR55216001
Manufacturer NESCHEN
Manufacturer Part Number 55216001
Quantity 1 Roll
Size 3/4" x 164'
Color Clear
Material Tissue Tape
Type: Book Care & Repair Book Care / Protection, Book Repair, Book Repair Tape
Archival Safe Yes [pH Neutral 7.5 Rating]
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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