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Unibind® UniBinder 8.1 Thermal Binding Machine

Item #: 04UBINDER81

With the UniBinder 8.1 by Unibind®, you can produce professional-quality thermal bound books easier than ever before. The automatic system means all you have to do is place your pages into a UniCover spine, soft cover, or hard cover, and set the cover onto the heating compartment. The heat is automatically turned on and, after just 90 seconds, you simply move the cover into the automatic crimper, that will activate once the cover is set inside. The final step is to move the cover to the cooling station to let it cool completely, finishing the bind. It is perfect for lower volume thermal binding, and can handle up to four books at a time, depending on the thickness of each book. For a strong, professional, fast, and easy bind, buy the Unibind® UniBinder 8.1 thermal binding machine online.


Product Description


The Unibind® UniBinder 8.1 is a unique thermal binding machine that is so simple to use, anyone can do it! There is no complicated hole punching or alignments, and no messy glue or adhesives to manually apply...the Unibind® model 8.1 is simpler than any other binding machine on the market, and will produce professional-quality soft and hard covers in as few as just 5 minutes per cycle.

Unibinder 8.1 Instructions:
   ① Put your printed sheets into the UniCover of your choice, and place your cover onto the heating element. The heat automatically turns on once you place your book down. The heating compartment is large enough to handle one book that holds 120 sheets of 20 lb. paper, or up to four books, depending on the book thicknesses.
   ② In just three minutes, the resin is heated and attached to your paged. Move the book(s) into the crimping compartment to finish the spine. When you place the book into this section, it will automatically crimp. Note: Only place one book into the crimper at a time.
   ③ Once crimped, move the book(s) onto the cooling station and allow it to sit until no longer warm.

UniCovers have a pre-applied resin in the spines. This resin liquefies once heated, while gravity pulls your pages into the resin as it does so. Once cooled, the resin solidifies and binds your pages securely. Before cooling, the crimper adjusts the metal spine to the thickness of your document, creating a finished look, while also helping to guarantee a strong and accurate bind. The Unibind® UniBinder 8.1 is so easy to use, there is absolutely no special training needed. If you make a mistake, editing your book is simple and done by just re-heating the resin, removing or adding pages, and then cooling it again. There is no machine prep or warm-up time needed, it is ready to go as soon as it is plugged in. And even better, there is no maintenance required to keep the machine running at it's full potential. With the Unibind® UniBinder 8.1 you can produce professional-quality thermal bound books quickly, easily, and conveniently.


Item # 04UBINDER81
Manufacturer Unibind®
Manufacturer Part Number 251UB81USC1
Suggested User Medium Office, Large Office
Binding Style Thermal Binding
Operating Method Electric
Capacity Up to 120 Sheets [20 lb. bond], Depending on Spine Size
Compatible Supplies & Accessories UniCover Hard Covers
UniCover Flex Covers
UniCover Spines
Power Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
Speed 90 Second Heating
10 Second Crimp
Dimensions 17" W x 10 ½" D x 15" H
Certifications CE Certified
Sheet Size Letter Size [8 ½" x 11"]
Product Weight (lbs) 17.6

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