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Unibind® UniCover Hard Covers


Unibind UniCover Hard Covers + Unibind Hard Cover Books
Unibind UniCover Hard Cover Color Swatch
Unibind UniCover Hard Cover Spines (Black + Aluminum)
Unibind UniCover Hard Cover Book Close-Up (Quartz)
Unibind UniCover Hard Cover Color Swatch
Unibind UniCover Hard Cover Color Swatch

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Qty/Pack : 10 / Box

Packaged Quantities

Size Capacity* Qty / Box
Unicover 15 1-15 Sheets 10 Covers
Unicover 40 1-40 Sheets¹ 10 Covers
Unicover 60 40-60 Sheets 10 Covers
Unicover 80 40-80 Sheets¹ 10 Covers
Unicover 100 80-100 Sheets 10 Covers
Unicover 120 80-120 Sheets¹ 10 Covers
Unicover 160 120-160 Sheets 10 Covers
Unicover 220 120-220 Sheets 10 Covers
Unicover 340 220-340 Sheets 10 Covers


When you combine these premium UniCover hard covers with your Unibind® thermal binding machine, you can create high-class presentations easily and with no mess in just 90 seconds. They are a one-piece cover that have a heat-activated resin adhesive that is already pre-applied into the spine, so all you have to do is place your pages into the cover, place the cover onto your Unibind® machine for heating, crimp the spine, and then allow it to cool. You can use these DIY hard covers for school yearbooks, photo books, or to make the finest quality presentations your clients have ever seen. With Unibind® hard covers you no longer have to pay for expensive outsourcing to create impressive presentations; instead, you can buy UniCover hard covers online and start making them in-house for less than $10 per book. Choose from a large selection of sizes to accommodate as few as just a couple sheets, up to as many as 340 sheets of standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. Each size is packaged with 10 covers per box, and is available in a variety of attractive colors, including black, white, glossy white, quartz (dark charcoal with a shimmer), aluminum (silver), green, several shades of blue, and more.




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