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Unibind® UniCover Spines


Unibind UniCover Spines + Thermal Binding Spines
Unibind UniCover Spines Color Swatch + Thermal Binding Colors
Unibind Spine Close-Up (Aluminum Color)

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Qty/Pack : Varies by Size

Packaged Quantities

Size Capacity* Qty / Box
Unicover 15 1-15 Sheets 100 Spines
Unicover 40 1-40 Sheets¹ 100 Spines
Unicover 60 40-60 Sheets 88 Spines
Unicover 80 40-80 Sheets¹ 80 Spines
Unicover 100 80-100 Sheets 66 Spines
Unicover 120 80-120 Sheets¹ 60 Spines
Unicover 160 120-160 Sheets 44 Spines
Unicover 220 120-220 Sheets 48 Spines
Unicover 340 220-340 Sheets 24 Spines


The UniCover spines by Unibind® are simple steel binding spines with no attached covers, which allows you to use your own custom covers to give you more variety and options. You can use <clear front covers to let your first sheet show through, or pair the UniCover spines with premium vinyl covers in a variety of colors. The steel spines are very durable and feature a pre-applied adhesive resin, so all you have to do is use them with one of our Unibind® thermal binding machines to create professional-quality presentations quickly and easily. Attached to the spine front and back are tear-away paper liners. Choose from a selection of Unibind spine colors, including black, white, bordo, quartz, aluminum, azure, dark blue, dark green, and more. For a professional and easy-to-use thermal binding solution for any presentation that needs to stand out, buy Unibind® UniCover Spines online.





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