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Unibind® UniCover Spines


The UniCover spines by Unibind® are simple steel binding spines with no attached covers, which allows you to use your own custom covers to give you more variety and options. You can use clear front covers to let your first sheet show through, or pair the UniCover spines with premium vinyl covers in a variety of colors. The steel spines are very durable and feature a pre-applied adhesive resin, so all you have to do is use them with one of our Unibind® thermal binding machines to create professional-quality presentations quickly and easily. Attached to the spine front and back are tear-away paper liners. Choose from a selection of Unibind spine colors, including black, white, bordo, quartz, aluminum, azure, dark blue, dark green, and more. For a professional and easy-to-use thermal binding solution for any presentation that needs to stand out, buy Unibind® UniCover Spines online.

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UniCover Spine FAQs:

Q: Are the paper liners easy to remove?
Yes! Perforating along the entire edge makes tearing off the paper liner fast and easy.


Packaged Quantities

Size Capacity* Qty / Box
Unicover 15 1-15 Sheets 100 Spines
Unicover 40 1-40 Sheets¹ 100 Spines
Unicover 60 40-60 Sheets 88 Spines
Unicover 80 40-80 Sheets¹ 80 Spines
Unicover 100 80-100 Sheets 66 Spines
Unicover 120 80-120 Sheets¹ 60 Spines
Unicover 160 120-160 Sheets 44 Spines
Unicover 220 120-220 Sheets 48 Spines
Unicover 340 220-340 Sheets 24 Spines

Product Description


Unibind® UniCover Spines are single-piece binding spines that do not have any covers attached, which allows for complete customization of your presentation, so you can truly impress your clients. Whether you choose to use a simple clear gloss report cover on the front that will show your first page, or if you go with a premium vinyl cover or a linen paper cover, you are sure to create a presentation that will help you stand out and impress clients. You can even use custom printed covers to create a completely unique look that brands your business in a professional, and impressive way. The unique thermal binding spines have adhesive pre-applied that is heated up in one of the easy-to-use Unibind® thermal binding machines, binding your pages together in as little as just 3 minutes. The hard steel spines, combined with the soft cover of your choice, blend to create an extremely professional finished book that is durable, clean, and very simple to create.


* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.
¹ Binding with lower sheet counts using these sizes will require crimping to ensure a proper bind.


Manufacturer Unibind®
Manufacturer Part Number UNICOVERSPINE CFG
Quantity Make a selection above to see pieces per box
Compatible Equipment Unibind® UniBinder 8.2
Unibind® UniBinder 8.1
Unibind® UniBinder 120
Binding Style Thermal Binding
Unibind Supply Type UniCover Spines
Compatible Sheet Size(s) Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]

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