Pressroom Safety Supplies

Safety is important for your printing staff, so stock up on pressroom safety supplies and accessories from Binding101 to protect your team from chemical, and other print room hazards. We offer safety gloves, aprons, air purifiers, safety goggles, chemical spill kits, and much more. Can't find the safety item you need? We can probably get it for you; just call us at (866) 537-2244.

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Safety Supplies

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  1. Lithco Nuisance Disposable Dust Masks

    • Material: Made of a Mixture of: High Loft Polyester, Regular Polyester, & Polypropylene
    • Color: White
    • Size: One Size Fits All
    • Quantity: 50 Masks
  2. Jomac Nitrile Gloves

    • Highly chemically-resistant and resists punctures and tears for a longer life.
    • Embossed diamond-tread design to give you a safe.
    • Color: Green
    • Quantity: 1 Pair

    Starting at: $4.19

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  3. Denim Printer's Aprons

    • Designed with printers in mind.
    • Manufactured from high-quality heavy-duty, durable blue denim that is comfortable to wear.
    • All pockets are double stitched for long life.
    • Features special pockets designed to hold a 12" or 18" pica stick, pen and pencil, as well as three general-purpose utility pockets.


  4. Splashproof Chemical Safety Goggles

    • Material: Polycarbonate Lens, PVC Body, Rubber Strap
    • Color: Clear
    • Size: One Size Fits All
    • Quantity: 1 Pair
  5. White Cotton Gloves

    • Eliminate fingerprints.
    • Made from smooth, lightweight, durable and washable 100% cotton.
    • Color: White
    • Size: One Size Fits All

    Starting at: $4.19

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    White Cotton Gloves [One Size] (2 Pairs) Item#26LIGLVCWCG226LIGLVCWCG2
    White Cotton Gloves [One Size] (48 Pairs) Item#26LIGLVCBCG4826LIGLVCBCG48
  6. Chemgon Disposal System for Waste Photo Chemistry

    • Protect your business from regulatory violation, and the environment from toxic pollutants.
    • Self-contained disposal system for waste photo chemistry.
    • Size: 5 Gallons
    • Quantity: 1 Unit


  7. Lithco Embossed Poly Gloves - Box of 100

    • Cooler to wear, provide better grip and sanitized.
    • Offer protection from chemicals and eliminate fingerprint transfer.
    • Provides the user increased sensitivity and a firmer grip.
    • Interchangeable for either hand.

    Starting at: $17.99

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    Lithco Embossed Poly Gloves - Small [Box of 100]09PPEGLVPS
    Lithco Embossed Poly Gloves - Medium [Box of 100]09PPEGLVPM
    Lithco Embossed Poly Gloves (Size Large) [Box of 100]97PPEGLVPL
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  8. Rubber Safety Mat Ergonomic Flooring

    • Feature patented tri-radial supports that perform like individual springs under your feet, providing cushion and a high degree of support.
    • Sides interlock and are beveled for your safety.
    • Material: Polyurethane Rubber
    • Size: 2' x 3' or 3' x 4'

    Starting at: $71.99

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  9. Polygenex™ All Day Nylon Lab Gloves [One Size] (5 Pairs)

    • Material: Nylon
    • Color: White
    • Size: One Size Fits All
    • Quantity: 5 Pairs


  10. The One That Works Printers' Air Purifier

    • Designed to clear the air of chemical fumes, paper dust, smoke, spray powder and other odors associated with print shops.
    • Speed: 2 Speed Operation, 400/600 cubic feet / minute
    • Capacity: Particles as Small as 1 Micron
    • Color: Black


12 Items

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