Graphic Tools & Guides for Printers

Graphic tools are essential to printers of all kinds to help create premium, professional-quality prints. With the variety of tools and measuring guides we offer, you can do just that. Color measuring tools will help you create perfect matches to ensure consistency throughout the printing process. With thickness gauges you can measure the thickness of materials, and with folding loupes you can magnify your materials and colors to check for perfection. No matter the type of graphic arts tool you need, you can find it here at Binding101. Don't see what you're looking for? Call us at (866) 537-2244 and we will try to locate it for you; we have access to some of the largest print shop supply manufacturers in the world.

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Graphic Tools & Guides

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  1. Plastic Pile Separator & Paper Wedge (3 Sizes)

    • Used in the printing and prepress industries as a way to accurately level stock piles.
    • Feature a tapered design that makes it easy to insert between pages.
    • Size: Short, Medium or Long
    • Quantity: 1
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  2. 20th Edition Graphic Pocket Pal

    • Ultimate guide to graphic arts production.
    • Perfect reference source for topics such as typography, plate making, art preparation, color management, electronic prepress systems, printing processes, film assembly, papers, inks and toners, binding, and much more.
    • Includes a glossary of graphic arts terms and discussing printing and the internet.
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


  3. Apollo VA-EVD-6 Boxed Overhead Projector Lamp

    • Super bright light and outstanding long life.
    • Material: 99% pure quartz glass
    • 400-watt halogen lamp with 36-volt output
    • Quantity: 1 Lamp


  4. General #145 Dial Caliper

    • 6" measuring tool.
    • Very popular in the professional printing market.
    • Offers 0.001" graduations, up to a 6" total capacity.
    • Durable dial caliper measuring tool built to last through even heavy use.


  5. Folding Magnifying Loupes (3 Sizes)

    • Best general-purpose magnifiers for use in all areas of graphic arts production from pre-press to press.
    • Features an achromatic lens system that can be focused for individual eyesight.
    • Has a fully color corrected lens that folds into a sturdy base which acts as a carrying case.
    • Field of View: Extra-Wide Field [12x Only]
    • Free Shipping $75+
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  6. Ames Pocket Thickness Gauge Measure

    • Perfect precision instrument for gauging compressible items.
    • Frame is made of precision cast, aluminum alloy for durability and is contoured to comfortably fit in your hand.
    • Thickness gauge features easy zero-resetting.
    • Capacity: 0" to 0.0312"


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  7. WeighMaster Paper Scale

    • Accurate enough to measure the effect of heavily inked samples.
    • Applicable to either US/Canadian system or metric.
    • Provide with the six conversion factors for different paper grades.
    • Easy-to-read LCD display.


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  8. Paper Counting Scales

    • One of the most time consuming and least profitable tasks in a print shop.
    • Can turn a time consuming job into a speedy one, and do it far more accurately.
    • Designed for cost-conscious users and will count paper from business card size up to 11" x 17".
    • Capacity: 12 lb or 30 lb
    • Free Shipping $75+
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    Counting Scale 12lb Capacity 0.002 lb Resolution Item#04LIHC6KI04LIHC6KI
    Counting Scale 30lb Capacity 0.005 lb Resolution Item#04LIHC15KI04LIHC15KI

8 Items

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