Padding Presses & Supplies

There is no denying that paper is still a commonly used tool for communicative purposes. From taking notes for customers over the phone to leaving reminders and making to-do lists for the day ahead, padded paper is a mainstay which will never waiver in most industries. With our selection of padding equipment, ensure you always have a way to create a high-quality outcome for this important need.

An easy way to achieve a quality solution is with a quality machine. Easy to operate and offering great results with every proper implementation, padding press machines are used to create pads of paper with little effort on the part of the operator. Stacks of paper are placed in a padding machine that clamps them tightly into place. Padding compound is then applied by the user to the back edge of the paper stack using a padding brush. Once the pad glue is dry, the stack of paper is removed, separated, and can be cut down to size. With such ease of operation coupled with the professional grade results of the finished product, adding a paper padding press to your business is a smart move overall. Padding is widely used through a variety of industries including educational, legal, real estate, printing, engineering, healthcare and more. Almost everyone has a pad of paper within reach at all times, making the demand for padded paper very high. Create quality pads of paper with the Binding101 padding presses and supplies.

We offer several options for adding this type of high performing machinery to your location today. From smaller tabletop models to freestanding options for a higher volume need, we have a range of options to help you get the right outcome for your needs and budget. If you have any questions regarding any of these high-quality machines, please contact us for further assistance today. We are always happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Email or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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Padding Presses & Supplies
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