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Pad Separating Knife

Item #: 05LWW174

Pad Separating Knife + Padding Knife
Pad Separating Knife + Padding Knife
Custom Pads of Paper + DIY Paper Pads
Custom Pads of Paper + DIY Paper Pads

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Qty/Pack : 1 Piece


When making multiple pads of paper at a time, there is no handier tool than a padding knife. These uniquely shaped tools are used to cut through the dried padding glue after it has been applied to your stacks of paper. It lets you turn one very thick pad into multiple thinner pads. A popular tool for print shops and any other business that pad binds multiple stacks at a time, our padding knife features a thick, solid wood handle for comfort and stability, as well as a carbon steel blade face for durability and a smooth and easy cut. An inexpensive investment, pad separating knives are an essential padding tool to ensure you create professional and clean pads of paper, every time. If you make pads of paper frequently, or more than one at a time, then buy a pad separating knife online.





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