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Pad Separating Knife

Item #: 05LWW174

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If you make pads of paper frequently, or more than one at a time, then buy a pad separating knife online. This special knife is used to separate the padding glue between pads of paper so you can pad a thick stack of pages together, and then cut them down to size quickly and efficiently. It features a durable carbon steel blade face that cuts through pad glue with ease, as well as a thick solid wood handle offering you control and stability. This inexpensive investment makes creating pads of paper much easier and more effective.

Qty/Pack : 1

Product Description

Padding presses are used for binding loose pieces of paper with adhesive, creating an attractive pad of paper. Stacks of paper are placed in a large vice and are then clamped into place. While in the padding machine, padding compound (glue) is applied to the back edge of the paper stack using of a padding brush. Once the bind is dry, the stack of paper is removed and can be cut down to size.Padding presses are user friendly and widely used by schools, churches, real estate offices, binderies, and virtually anyone else in the binding industry. 

Many customers have found that when creating multiple pads at a time, it can be tedious to separate the pads by hand. This is why we suggest the Pad Separating Knife. It's thin blade slips easily between pads, allowing you to lift the top pad with ease. The Pad Separator separates pads smoothly and easily with it's carbon steel blade. 


Item # 05LWW174
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Lithco
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1
Material Blade: Carbon Steel - Handle: Solid Wood

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