Stapling, Stitching, & Padding

Stapling, Stitching, & Padding

Browse our selection of stapling, stitching, booklet making, and padding machines and supplies below. Each function provides a great solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes, as our variety of levels of machines can be used everywhere from small offices to huge corporations and print shops. Let's quickly review each kind of finishing machine you will find in this category.

Do you prepare documents that require a professional look that clients will appreciate? Sometimes, a standard stapling device just isn't up to the task. Instead, you need the power and capacity it takes to tackle a variety of applications. As the premier source for professional office supplies, that's where Binding101 can help. We are pleased to offer such a wide selection of heavy-duty staplers that can power through stacks of paper when you need them most. Explore our assortment to find the right manual or electric stapler today.

We offer a wide assortment of high-quality saddle stitchers from some of the best brands in the finishing industry, such as Deluxe Stitcher, ISP, Rapid Bind, and more. We carry durable machines that can handle the volume of magazines while maintaining the precision you require for thin newsletters or programs.

Booklet making machines fold and staple your books simultaneously, speeding up the process and reducing manual labor. They are ideal for offices, churches, and schools who want to streamline the process and make booklets, songbooks, pamphlets, and more quickly and easily. Booklet making can be simple with the right equipment at the ready. To ensure that you find a booklet making machine that suits your particular set of needs, we offer the top selection of models to choose from. Explore our assortment of electric and manual models today to find the best solution for your bindery or business.

With our selection of padding equipment, ensure you always have a way to create a high-quality outcome for this important need. An easy way to achieve a quality solution is with a quality machine. Easy to operate and offering great results with every proper implementation, padding press machines are used to create pads of paper with little effort on the part of the operator.

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