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ClipsShop CSTEP-1 Hand Grommet Press

Item #: 04GROMCSTEP1

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If you're looking for a starter hand press to apply grommets to paper and vinyl materials, the CSTEP-1 may be a good choice. It is small and economical, and perfect for low volume use or the occasional grommet needs. This table top grommet attaching machine is simple to use - all you have to do is install the grommet die, insert your material and pull down the handle. The CSTEP-1 is applicable with self-piercing grommets with up to a 7/16" hole size, or a #3 grommet, so can handle the most popular smaller sizes. Ready to grommet low volumes at home or need a beginner's grommet press for office and presentation use? Buy the CSTEP-1 hand grommet press online today.


Product Description

The ClipsShop CSTEP-1 is a small grommet press that is a popular entry-level starter machine for small offices, at-home users, and even travelling. It is compatible with the most popular smaller grommet sizes including #XX00 1/8", #X00 11/64", #00 3/16", #0 1/4", #1 516", #2 3/8", and #3 7/16". All of these sizes are considered self-piercing, which means you cut a hole through your material and set the grommet with just one pull of the handle. The ClipsShop CSTEP-1 small hand press has worked well with materials such as sign and banner vinyls and paper products, and even some fabrics using the self-piercing grommets and grommet dies, however, some tougher materials may require a pre-punched hole.

To switch from one grommet size to another, you will also need to switch the installed die to the corresponding size. For example, the #2 die will not work with #3 grommets, so if you want to switch from #2 to #3 then you will need to install the #3 die first. Die installation is simple, so change-over is very fast. When used properly, the ClipsShop CSTEP-1 grommet press can last for years with it's heavy duty and durable metal construction. It is easy to use and requires very little training, so can be used by anybody in the office.


Shipping Weight (lbs) 15
Manufacturer ClipsShop
Manufacturer Part Number CSTEP-1
Operating Method Manual
Included Supplies & Accessories None
Compatible Supplies & Accessories ClipsShop Dies [from #XX00 1/8” to #3 7/16”]
ClipsShop Grommets [from #XX00 1/8” to #3 7/16”]
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited [Defective]
Dimensions 3 ⁷/₁₀" W x 9 ²/₅" D x 12 ²/₅" H
Size 3 ⁷/₁₀" W x 9 ²/₅" D x 12 ²/₅" H
Color Blue
Minimum Grommet Size #XX00 [1/8"]
Maximum Grommet Size #3 [7/16"]
Throat Depth 1 ¾"

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